5 Awesome Reasons To Be Friends With A Bengali !

To be friends with a Bengali – Just like their language, Bengalis or Bongs (as they are affectionately called) are saccharine sweet. They are one of the most culturally evolved and artistically inclined people. I guess all their traditionally sweets are to be blamed for their ‘mishti’ behaviour.

Today we tell you why it’s awesome to be friends with a Bengali. Read on:

To be friends with a Bengali –

To eat their food and sweets:

Imagine the joy of hanging out with your friend’s extended families and gorging on their delicious ‘macher jhol’ and digging into ‘sandesh’, ‘rosgulla’ and other sweets. They have some of the yummiest fish preparations in the world, thanks to their coastal roots. Their hospitality in feeding everybody who comes home is legendary. You’ll always have tasty food as your companion…reason enough to be friends with a Bong, eh?

The pet names:

There’ll hardly be a Bengali household in India where folks don’t have pet names. It’s an even bigger tradition than eating fish. So when you go over to your friend’s, you’ll also be given an affectionate moniker or pet name to feel like part of their ‘happy family’! And you’ll love it. They will make you feel at home and as loved as their own kids. Awww.

Inspire you to love, appreciate arts:

Be it singing, dancing, painting or writing…you’re Bong friend will always inspire you to love and appreciate the arts. He/she will definitely be into some art form, if not all, and also push you to take them up.

Their weddings:

We feel it’s reason enough to be pals with a Bong. Yes, their gorgeous wedding. If Punjabis have the most fun wedding, Bongs have the most colourful and beautiful one. Let’s not forget that the bride looks stunning in her Maa Durga-esque avatar and even the guests are decked-up in the finest of clothes *wink wink* ¬†from the sumptuous foods to elaborate celebrations, it’s a wedding to die for. Better still, marry a Bengali!

Their sweet nature:

It goes without saying that they are genuinely nice people, who stay far away from fights ( at least, most do). Perhaps that’s what make them a great friend to have by your side as they will always be there for you. Their simple nature and loveable attitude will make them indispensable.

If foods, arts and sincere personalities (in that order!) are not the qualities you want in your friend, we don’t know what to tell you.

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