Simran Movie Review : Kangana  Impresses But Simran Fails To Impress

Simran Movie Review

Simran Movie Review –

Directed by: Hansal Mehta

Cast: Kangana Ranaut, Sohum Shaha

Genre of movie: Comic

Kangana  impresses but Simran fails to impress

Simran Movie Review – Strory of Simran: Kangana ( Praful patel) who portrays a character of a divorcee lives with her parents who  come from middle-class.  Kangana portrays a role of housekeeper but suddenly she gets drawn towards crime one by one after gambling in casino of Las Vegas. As we know one bad habit attracts tons others same happened with Praful (Kanagana) and she gets into a mess.

Simran Movie Review

Kangana again redefines Badass with this movie, like her earlier Tanu weds manu and other characters where she played bold characters. Simran is a character full of life, who leads life according to her rules, she is adventurous wild,   She is fun-filled most importantly refuses love-making without protection. She doesn’t think twice before committing a crime. Her crimes like robbing the bank etc are well shot and great acting again by Kangana. You will be completely awe-struck by all the crimes she does which only men do, again  Kangana takes women to next level her performance is actually worth watching once.

This is a one time watch movie though Kanagana nailed with her performance but honestly story, direction could have been better. Though Hansal Mehta attempted a comic story but failed to entertain the audience at places you will feel like things are dragged unnecessarily and are not realistic.

First half of the movie is very good, entertaining with Praful and her adventures.

But second half is not up to the mark.

Movie also has multiple genres like there’s violence, tragedy, drama, comedy while few scenes are way too good some are not that good.

Average Rating: 3.5

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