Why Kolkata Is The Best City To Go On A Romantic Date?

Kickass Kolkata– that is what we brand the City Of Joy as! If you go by usual standards, lovebirds do not need a particular city to ‘œsnog and snuggle’ in. Yet Kolkata is the top pick if there has to be a choice after all!

The Tram and the Metrorail-

Go underground and experience Kolkata’s unique metro. It is the oldest one in the country, folks! The clean tracks and the gurgly motion make it awesome to ride on. And if you can battle the heat, then hop on to the tram. No other city in India boasts of this! The speed is close to a crawling worm yet makes romance much more exciting!


Lastly, not to forget Kolkata’s rasgullas! Roshogollas—for our Bong buddies! It is the best sweet you can ever land on the planet. Agra’s pedas and Delhi’s motichoor do not even come close second. Snack up on your romance and round up your day of love with the rasgulla!! It could be salvation personified—oops—“foodie-fied”

Unbelievably, Kolkata still has place for theater, intellectual addas and gossip –all at once. Amazing city indeed and the top pick in our list of hubs best to date in.

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