India’s Daughter Makes A Strong Move By Revealing The Name Of Nirbhaya

Nirbhaya case

#IndiasDaughter is a lesson for every Indian. It is a mirror of our regressive society.

Forget banning we should be thankful to Leslee Udwin for showing India’s image to the world. Did that hurt the ego?

Our country gets all defensive about our image. Well the so-called image was gone when we failed to protect our daughter. Every time a girl is raped in India our image is tarnished.

Banning is just a depressing move to silent the voice of the people and shoving away from the reality.

We have a tendency to turn a blind eye towards the harsh reality and moreover we have leading newspapers manipulating people about the ban.

TOI article reported that the victim’s father has taken a strong objection to making his daughter’s name public. How true this piece of report is clearly seen in NDTV’s interview where the parents openly talk about the film and how it has led to several discussions.


Times Now had a big debate on why the real name of Nirbhaya was revealed in the film. Arnab Goswami was more bothered about the revelation of the name than the real matter at hand.

Also isn’t it time that we take a stand against this mentality? Rape had always been linked to a woman’s modesty.

Shame is attached to the victim rather than the accused.

The names of the accused who did such a shameful act are nicely doing the rounds but we want to hide the name of the victim. What is so wrong if her father is proud of her and not ashamed to reveal her name?

Jyoti Singh (Nirbhaya) was not just a victim but also an aspiring doctor who had big dreams for the country. Why should this name be hidden?

It is very unfortunate that in our country we divert from the main issue to some unnecessary debate.

Yesterday I was reading articles supporting the film or there were debates on TV where people like Mr. Goswami took a dig at how the film flouted the rule.

I want to ask the entire team of Times Now that didn’t this film hit your conscience about how the case is still unsolved (moreover it was a fast track case).

This film instead of shaking that conscience is facing the debate whether public should see it or not. The establishment feels threatened as India’s Daughter has compelled India to wake up again.

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