Dating a Libran? Better know these things

It’s the month of the most complex sign in the Zodiac, Libra. And if you’re looking to date a Libran, we tell you what all you need to keep in mind…read on!

It’s the month of the Libra (September 23 – October 22), one of the most complex signs in the Zodiac. Since they are the only guys to be represented by an inanimate object (the balancing scales), they stand out from the rest in every department. Librans are temperamental and extremely practical, to the point of detaching themselves from reality. But they make for excellent lovers as they are charming and dynamic. If you’ve zeroed-in on a sexy Libran, here are some points that you should keep in mind!

Zero frills:
Librans are born with a certain charm that no other sign in the Zodia can even dream of. This quality makes them the darling of the masses. All of which leads to THE typical Libran arrogance. Hence, don’t expect many ‘I Love Yous’ and romantic walks on the beach against the setting sun. Sorry! He/she may love you to bits, but won’t express it, unless drunk or it’s absolutely necessary. Keep your Mills and Boon world aside if you’re planning to walk down the aisle with an October-born (considered the month of the Libran).

Mood swings:
You have mood swings, they have mood machines. It can go from happy to sad to irritated to shit hitting the roof in a matter of seconds. The best way to handle it…is to let them be (or leave me the hell alone, as a Libran would say). If you try to find out ‘what’s wrong’, you’re in for an earful. Did he/she not woo you with all that he/she had and then gave you the cold shoulder when you went sweet on them? Do you often split your hair thinking ‘What the f! Goddamn it. What does he/she want?’ Oh, yeah, classic Libra trait. They are, in fact, more secretive than Scorpios. But they are obviously less harmful than their Novemnber-born counterparts.

They do what the situation demands. No amount of emotional blackmailing or silent treatments would work on these fellas. They are so matter-of-fact in their approach that they might come across as rude or haughty. But they are sweet people, who just don’t like to be ‘out there’. If instead of showering praises on you for looking like million bucks, they go  crazy on you for being silly in public…ignore. Because they are just doing what has to be done. Simple, straightforward and brutally honest.

Anger issues:
They get angry in under a second, but cool down equally fast. They may look sorted and balanced, but they are all over the place, which invariably leads to anger issues. They can be quite mean and merciless. But they can be extremely kind and generous too! They may not work in extremes (unlike Scorpios), but do fluctuate between two different emotions, which is what makes them complex.

If you want to know which one of your buddies is a Libran, just ask them a simple question. They will take hours to draw up a list of pros and cons and never arrive at a conclusion. Their indecisiveness makes them difficult lovers, parents, friends and siblings. But fret not, when they do make a choice, they will stick with it till the end of time (however cheesy that may sound). They may take ages to say yes to you, but when they do…there’s no power on earth that can take you away from them (cheese is on a roll, yeah!).

They are meticulous and can strategize like their lives depend on it. Try crossing them the wrong way and they will give it back with an elaborate plan that will shatter your very being. They are great at planning and executing…watch out!

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