Yes, It Is HARMFUL To Hold In Your Pee And These Reasons Will Tell You Why!

Dangers Of Holding Pee For Too Long

Dangers Of Holding Pee For Too Long – Honestly, holding your urine for too long is a very bad habit. Some of you might not accept it, but yes, there are many who still have the habit of holding pee because they’re too bored to get up and go to the toilet, right? There’s a reason why your mom says “Urinate when it is necessary”.

All those who think that it’s completely Fine not to pee when it’s necessary or it’s okay to hold in your pee because you’re busy watching videos on YouTube, this list of reasons will tell why you shouldn’t give it a pause.

Firstly, let’s talk about it in short – Holding onto your pee will lead to painful bladder syndrome. Plus, it will cause you pain in the pelvis. Other than that, when you’ll get up and pee after a long time, you’ll see that your pee is yellowish in color, and there will be excessive burning and pain as well. You’ll also experience stomach pains due to it.

In short, you’ll welcome health problems.

Here are the reasons that you shouldn’t avoid at any cost ( Dangers Of Holding Pee For Too Long) –

  1. Bladder becomes distended

According to a source, one big reason why you shouldn’t hold in your pee for too long is because of the problem related to your bladder. Your bladder is a muscle, and when you avoid urinating, it can become stretched out. Frequently holding in your pee can make your muscle weak, and then you’ll get a big droopy bladder that doesn’t empty well.

There are chances that you might have to visit doctors.

  1. Major pain in the stomach

Like I mentioned earlier also, pain will not leave you. Once you’re done peeing, you’ll start experiencing pain and it’ll make it worse for you. This happens because your muscle become weak, and then you’re unable to settle down with ease. The pain might go away, but it can trouble you for days.

So be smart.

  1. Your pelvic floor weakens

Pelvic floor allows the passage of urine and faeces. Thus, when you’ve the habit of holding in your pee, it becomes difficult when your pelvic floor starts getting weaker day by day. When you hold in your pee, your pelvic floor get’s weak, and it takes a long time to pass the urine out.

So whenever your body signals that it’s time to urinate, leave the work you’re doing and urinate ASAP. That’s how you can keep all the problems at your distance without letting them affect you.

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