From Funny Danny Morrison To Spicy Navjot Sidhu, These 10 Cricket Commentators Are Just Awesome!

What’s a film without songs? Most probably, Bollywood movies would be incomplete if there were no songs and dances.

What’s a film without songs? Most probably, Bollywood movies would be incomplete if there were no songs and dances.

Just as the same, commentary plays a vital role in a cricket match. Be it T20s, Test matches or ODIs; role of a commentator plays a vital part in cricket and most importantly, there are commentators who make a long and boring match exciting with their spontaneous comments on air.

There have been some remarkable commentators on air and radio, who have just taken the microphone by storm! There have been former cricket stars and also analysts, who would exhibit their brilliance on and off the sports ground.

Below, we highlight some of the funny, serious, natural cricket commentators who have ruled the hearts for years. Check them out:

TV Commentators –
Navjot Sidhu: ‘Oye Guru’ is the welcome note for this man as he needs no introduction – Navjot Singh Sidhu alias Sherry. Former Indian opener, the happy and animated Punjabi has left a mark on the cricket lovers all across the world with the usage of some clever and amusing comments and ‘Sidhusms’ that rake the TRP charts. Be it Hindi or English, Sidhu sir has achieved a cult status on and off air. Nowadays, he spends time laughing on the famous ‘Comedy Nights With Kapil’ as well.

Danny Morrison: “Don’t bother looking for that, let alone chasing it. It’s gone straight into the confectionery stall and out again.” If you hear an enigmatic expression air like that, then it’s none other than the Kiwi Danny Morrison. The former cricketer turned commentator, these days, spends time describing a moment of a match with some razzmatazz and mojo! Danny can be regarded as the ‘videshi’ version of Navjot Singh Sidhu.

Sunil Gavaskar: Former India great, Sunil Gavaskar is a renowned persona on and off the field as well. ‘Sunny bhai’ as he is formerly called, is known to share his technical knowledge and expertise especially the batsmen’s flaws. Gavaskar does hold back the emotions and is known to deliver his mind of view on air just as he did during the infamous Sydney Test of 2007 in Australia.

Ravi Shastri: Adopting a newer role of a team director these days, Ravi Shastri might be missing the commendatory box for a while now. Known to possess an imposing personality on and off the field, former India skipper Ravi Shastri flourished as a cricketer but even more as a commentator. His voice and opinions are spot on and also, does not hold back in giving at the opposition. Ravi, though, will be fondly remembered with the on-air spat with former England captain Nasser Hussain during the 2011 India England series.

Harsha Bhogle: He was not from a cricketing background nor ever played the sport himself but still, Harsha Bhogle is fondly remembered as the ‘voice and face of Indian cricket’. A management graduate from IIM (Ahmedabad), Bhogle began life in cricket commentary with the All India Radio (AIR) in 1992 and since then, never looked back. Bhogle has won many fans all across with an active and sparkling voice and also, possessing an amusing way of putting things in perspective.

Arun Lal: Be it Hindi, English or Bengali; Arun Lal has succeeded in all of them. A former cricketer himself, Arun is known to possess a very catchy tone on air and is often seen presenting IPL matches or India series at home.

David Lloyd: Former England player and coach, first-class umpire and now a commentator; David Lloyd has done it all. Known to possess a very funny tone on air, David Lloyd is cricket’s most celebrated cricket commentators. Petnamed as ‘Bumble’ by fellow commentators, David Lloyd’s antics are a hit with the viewers.

Radio –
Suresh Saraiya: When TV was just finding its feet on Indian shores; radio transistors were a trend amongst the young and old. Indians often lined up their ears along the radio’s to get up-to-date of the latest scores of the Tests matches. In India, AIR (All India Radio) was famous to broadcast cricket and amongst them was Suresh Saraiya. The star commentator, who commentated in countries like Australia, England, Bangladesh, Canada, New Zealand, Pakistan, Sharjah, Singapore, Sri Lanka, South Africa, West Indies and Zimbabwe, was renowned name off air. Now deceased, Suresh Saraiya was a celebrated voice in the 60s and 70s.

Jasdev Singh: From live commentary during the Republic Day parade to bringing home the 1982 Asian Games, 83-year old veteran Jasdev Singh has done it all. Even though he often commentated for Olympic Games, Jasdev was renowed name on the cricket front as well. When Hindi commentating was its peak during the late 60s and 70s, Jasdev Singh was one of the famous voices on the AIR and Doordarshan.

Even the radio commentary is dying a slow death; its legacy will live on. As for the on-air commentators, their freshness and spontaneity holds on the viewers at times when the match gets a bit dull!

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