10 Most And Least Stressful Jobs: Check Out To See Is Your Job In The List

Most And Least Stressful Jobs

Most And Least Stressful Jobs

Unambiguously stress is inevitable part, no matter you are in which profession.

But the level of stress differ from one job to other. There are many demanding jobs wherein professionals who risk their lives and face unpredictable and dangerous conditions.

And there are some jobs that proffer high pay and low pressure  jobs like librarian, hairstylist or dietitian among others  As per the research by Career Cast they have classified jobs  that score low and high on the stress scale.

Scroll down and read on to know about which are most and least stressful jobs at present as per research done by Career Cast:

1. Enlisted military personnel: 84.78

 Military officers work round the clock for our safety without any doubt they have the most stressful job. They face worst and unexpected conditions.


2. Firefighter: 60.59

After militia, firefighters gets second spot in the list as they face high-stake situations. This job is life threatening one but unfortunately has low job growth.


3. Airline pilot: 60.46

No doubt many of us aspire to pilot, but it is very demanding job as consequences of mistake can cost lives of so many people. So if are you ready to cope with stress  then you must go for this highly laudable job.


4. Police officer: 53.82

Police officers indeed are stressed up. In India, police officials are very less in number in comparison to the population. Pressure is 24/7 in this job.


5. Event coordinator: 49.93

Event field may seem all glam and happening but it’s highly taxing one as it is no regular 9-5 job. Behind a successful show there are professionals who go on to work hours and hours with not that happening working conditions, good amount of travelling and  is super large.


6. Public relations executive: 48.46

PR personnel have to be ready at any given time and are expected to stick to deadlines no matter what. The stress is high mostly when they have to arm themselves during crisis situations.


7. Senior corporate executive: 47.46

If you think, corporate executives have the best and the only think they do is just have meetings then you are wrong. Endless hours in thinking and handling large base is tough job.


8. Broadcaster: 47.30

They are always under pressure and work 365 days as they have the onus of delivering the breaking news as soon as possible. As soon as any incident occur they have to prepare and deliver news  over the air on radio and television and there is no room for mistake.


9. Newspaper reporter: 46.76

Their work profile is similar to that of broadcaster. No matter how is the situation, reporters have to be active and agile to report no matter what. This job demands a lot from employee. as this job is mix of desk and on field work which is exhausting and stressful.


10. Taxi driver: 46.33

Taxi driver ranked 10th in the list. It is vital for them to stay alert all the time. They have to face accident like situation and pressure of long working hours.


Here are this year’s least stressful jobs and their stress scores:

1… Information security analyst: 3.80

2… Diagnostic medical sonographer: 4.00

3… Tenured university professor: 6.94

4… Hairstylist: 7.47

5… Medical records technician: 7.55

6… Medical laboratory technician: 8.98

7… Jeweler: 9.10

8… Audiologist: 9.30

9… Dietitian: 10.23

10… Librarian: 10.58

What are your thoughts on these most and least stressful jobs? Sound off your views and opinions in comments below.

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