5 Reasons Why Mumbai Girls are Better Than Delhi Girls!


Girls are girls you might say, the same everywhere!

Hold your thoughts though! Girls might be same, but then there are obvious differences and if you compare girls from two of the most happening cities of the country, Mumbai girls will win hands down! Of course, there is an important factor of the social, economical and political conditions of the cities they are from; still how one adapts to surroundings and makes a difference in their life is what makes one stand out from the crowd!

We have constituted top 5 factors that clearly state that Mumbai girls are far far ahead.

Check it out guys Why Mumbai Girls are Better Than Delhi Girls!

1) Beauty

Well, beauty is nature’s given, but what you do with beauty is what makes the difference. Girls in Delhi might have been blessed more, but the way Mumbai girls present themselves, the way they carry themselves just makes them the winners! Blame it on Bollywood for that extra style quotient, but the fact is girls in the economic capital of the country are more attractive than their northern counterparts.

2) Independent

Girls in Mumbai are used to travelling alone from a very early age. Travelling in local trains and buses gives them a kind of independence that is not found in Delhi girls. Also in Delhi, the kids are over-pampered so girls grow up being overly protected. Mumbai girls travel alone, any time of the day and night, thanks to a more or less safe and secure public life making them more courageous and strong as well.

3) Culturally Advanced

North India and Delhi specifically is known for having strong cultural roots to the extent of being on the borderline of being orthodox and narrow-minded. Mumbai, on the other hand, boasts of a cultural mix of who’s who not only from within the country, but also from people of different nationalities. This gives the girls a good exposure to different point of views and makes them think from a broader perspective.

4) Accommodating

People in Mumbai are used to living in cramped houses and travelling in inhuman conditions compared to Delhi, where most of the population enjoys sprawling wide roads and live in palatial houses due to easy availability of land and space. This makes an impact on Mumbai girls as they easily adjust in any and every situation without any trace of stress or discomfort!

5) Don’t Show-off!

Girls everywhere are into show-offs, always boasting about their latest jewellery or expensive make-up. Mumbai girls, on the other hand, let others do the talking rather than playing their own trumpet 24X7! Yes, they would discuss their achievements and possessions, but unlike Delhi girls who need a reason to boast and sometimes create excuses to boast something as insignificant as a manicure!

There can be many more points of comparisons and some of you might not agree with what we are saying here, but this is what it is! If you don’t agree, give us reasons to believe you.

For now, Mumbai girls rock!

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