Open Letter To The Indian Judiciary About Nirbhaya

Nirbhaya case Delhi

Even today when we think of the 2012 gang rape that infuriated the whole country we feel the void of a daughter becoming a victim to a horrendous crime.

Before even expecting any sign of remorse from the accused I would like to point out how the law is so helplessly messed up in our country.

Moreover we have a bunch of supremely qualified lawyers having really regressive mentalities.

What is the entire point of law and order in a country if the law fails to give justice? Forget justice in our country we end up spending more than 30k crore behind a terrorist like Kasab.

The Nirbhaya case outraged the entire country and the accused is still giving interviews sharing his point of views?

The law makers and the protectors of law might argue and I agree to not knowing much about law studies. But any lame person would have this much understanding that the accused should be punished.

Instead of punishment our accused sits inside jail and shares seriously depressing thoughts. One of the Delhi gang rape accused has shocked the nation again with his remarks about women and how the girl called for it.

Absolutely no sign of remorse and why not? India also backs this thought process by failing to provide immediate justice, severe punishment to the criminals and regressive mindsets.

More than the rapist what shocked me was the fact that there are lawyers defending the gang. One of the lawyers A.P. Singh was reported to say that if his daughter or sister were found indulging in pre-marital sex or allowed herself to lose face and character by doing “such” things then he would burn her alive in front of the entire family.

A lawyer is openly speaking and preaching such criminal thoughts. What kind of culture is this and where exactly are we heading in the name of protecting ‘honor’?

What justice would law provide if the lawyer who has studied the subject in detail can’t differentiate between pre-marital sex and murder?

Changing mindsets is a distant reality unless our law and lawyers understand the difference between crime and lifestyle.

How a person chooses to live is his/her prerogative. It never calls for rape.

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