I Am Fat! Don’t Hate Me! Encourage Me!

Health and fitness tips to obese youth – the solution to the increasing rate of obesity in the country does not lie in ridiculing the obese youth.

Ok, let’s get right to the heart of the matter!

You are colliding with the single greatest crisis facing a friend or a family. He/she is young and awfully fat! And is ridiculed by the half of the world for being that!

Well, nothing new we hear here!

This pretty much is the common problem, obese youth is a common sight these days, and friends and mates do not shy away from degrading and discouraging them for their physical appearance, their eating habits. They pick on them and make them feel inferior.

Just to say, OBESITY IS NOT A GROSS, HATE-ABLE DISEASE! No, it is not.

Yet, enough is enough already! With 1/3 of our youth being overweight or obese, we need to stop talking start acting. The solution lies right in your own hands. A Master Formula for fighting youth obesity in this country comes down to a few simple steps. Stop making fun of them, start encouraging them!

First, we’ll break it down into common sense elements, and then put it all together into a final workable formula, which pretty much works for all. This is just the tip of the iceberg. The components that you are about to read will put the formula into motion for you. It’s your job to put each one into action, if at all you are hell-bent on helping a dear one to lose those bulging pounds of flesh from their body. 

First And Foremost: RESPECT THEM!

Here we have the heart of all that is to follow. Respect is the cornerstone to living a fit lifestyle. We must respect our bodies and encourage others to respect theirs. This includes things like eating well and getting enough exercise and rest. Respect goes deeper as we accept our responsibility to be careful role models for those we want to change. If you really need to encourage them, you will have to stop ridiculing them, all together.




Once we conquer the respect component, we must add loving and daily encouragement to their life. This can come in many forms, from demonstrating a healthy attitude towards fitness to participating with them as they eat or exercise, and especially finding those motivating words that spark the fire and excitement in all of us. “Great job! I am so proud of you!” Heck, even just talking about being healthy offers a huge payoff.



FUEL The Idea With Positivity

For us, proper nutrition alone is not adequate “fuel” for our bodies. We must also energize our minds with the knowledge to make the right choices and the right decisions. This education can, and in our opinion should, start early. It is never too early to begin having conversations about healthy eating and activity. Do it in a respectful and interesting manner. Share healthy meals with them. Make eating time a fun time.




The crux of the active lifestyle is continuous movement. If you really want to help someone, you must encourage them to add movement to life. But by movement, we don’t simply mean exercise in the traditional weight-lifting, treadmill-running sense. We also mean PLAY time. RECEATION time. WALK WITH FRIENDS time. Make-work-fun time. Encourage them to add movement to their life. Everyday, without fail!



REST & Rejuvenation Are Equally Important

Think spa-like serenity. We all need this, and in ample amounts, too. The many benefits to getting enough rest are well known: From being more productive, more alert, and better able to focus to recovering from injuries and allowing for healthy growth and development. One must focus on all forms of rest, not just nighttime sleep. We need to recognize the need to tone it down a few notches, withdraw from the over-stimulation of our hectic daily lives, and respect their need for relaxation. 


So there you have it: the 5 important factors upon which we built our Master Formula for fighting youth obesity and you can use effectively to motivate those around you. 

Let us respect and act upon the needs, NOW!

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