#Ghoshanapatra With Modi: Five Important Statements Made By Future PM

Almost running for an hour and half, the interview was a pleasure to watch. Even journalists who were present during the show and were asking questions looked nervous.

BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi appeared on ABP’s much touted show Ghoshanapatra last night and he proved that he is the prime minister that we need. His answers were clear, thought provoking and straight. Even journalists who were present during the show and were asking questions looked nervous.

Almost running for an hour and half, the interview was a pleasure to watch.

Here are five answers given by a confident Modi which will floor you:

  1. On support from other parties like Shiv Sena and MNS: “So far as I believe after 16 May we won’t need to take support from other parties to form the government. But to run the country we will need cooperation from everyone beyond party politics.”
  2. On 2002 riots and people’s confidence in him: “I have taken moral responsibility for the deaths of citizens in 2002 riots as a chief minister. I have never tried to connect with people on communal lines as has been projected. As Gujarat chief minister I have tried to connect with 6 crore Gujaratis. Now I am trying to connect with 125 crore Indians as much as I can…it is my responsibility that I must make demonstrative efforts to reach out to every citizen of the country. I don’t care if I lose the polls tomorrow and I don’t think about the Muslim community separately but as citizens.”
  3. On Pink Revolution and meat export: “Where is communalism in the words pink revolution? As taking land from farmers forcibly is a sin, similarly farmers must be encouraged to rear cattle to increase milk products and should not be asked to sell them. In Gujarat, I hold cattle camps, dental camps for cattle and even introduced laser treatment for cattle after getting veterinary doctors trained abroad. God should save the country from meat traders. This should not be communalised. This meat business should not be associated to one community alone. Even Jains are doing it. The country needs a lot of cattle asset.”
  4. On black money: “When we will be in power we will go to the roots of black money. Now we are not in power and those in power are silent. That there is black money none can deny. We will need to have a team who are fluent in international laws and should also sign treaties with nations if needed. Many countries went to the root of black money and India should also do that.”
  5. On agrarian economy: “There is no real time data on agricultural products available in India. We export pulses and sugar and suddenly realise we don’t have sufficient stock for ourselves and import the same with a much a higher price. The Food Corporation of India has failed miserably. It should be divided into three parts — procurement, preservation and distribution. We need scientific methods to protect our food products from rotting. In fact the railway should prioritise movement of agricultural products. In Gujarat, all ministers including myself, all IAS, IPS and forest officers go to villages and see scope for investment and development of the rural economy. We are not an agricultural state at all. We go to villages and discuss how to imbibe new methods for agricultural development. We are the first state in India to have a soil health card.”

Modi will file his nomination from Varanasi tomorrow. The election is on April 24 and may 16 is the counting day which will tell us where BJP and Modi stand.

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