HRD Announces To Launch SAMVAY To Mobilize Vocational Studies In The Education System

HRD announces SAMVAY – India’s Human Resource Development Minister Ms. Smriti Irani, has announced to launch Skill Assessment Matrix For Vocational Advancement Of Youth (SAMVAY).

India’s Human Resource Development Minister, Smriti Irani, has announced to launch Skill Assessment Matrix For Vocational Advancement Of Youth (SAMVAY).

The feature aims to integrate vocational and conventional education to the students, in the current education system.

A credit framework is in operations, which will allow lateral and vertical mobility within the vocational educational system and between the current education systems.

The SAMVAY defines the rule for credit allotment and follows the National Skills Qualification Framework.

Under the National Skills Qualification Framework, skill providers will be registered under AICTE or other authorized bodies. When the students completes the skills modules they require for certification, they acquire it from the skill provide or trainer, and can submit the credits to the concerned institute.

The institute would then transfer them to a technical board or university. Once the certification is awarded by the board or university after assembling together the vocational skill and formal education credits, the student might use it for further purposes.

The Skill Assessment Matrix for Vocational Advancement of Youth was announced on National Education day, which is observed on November 11th every year. The scheme shall be implemented from next year, by all the colleges/institute belonging to central board, so that people who wish to resume their studies can go ahead with it, said HRD Minister Ms. Smriti Irani.

On the same day, President, Shri Pranab Mukherjee came forward to launch another portal that specifically targets the students going for higher studies, known as Know Your College.

The portal aims at increasing awareness about the opportunities that a particular programme of a particular university provides.

A scholarship named Pragati was also launched on the same occasion to encourage technical education of girls at undergraduate level.

We hope that these new schemes, portals, and scholarships encourages the required change that has to be brought necessarily in the education system.

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