Study Abroad: 10 Ways To Secure Scholarship And Plan Your Education Finances

How to get scholarship for study abroad – Bag the precious scholarship with these easy tips, especially in the times when studying abroad seems like a huge expenditure and economic burden!

Scholarships are a sure short way to get the extra freedom to enjoy a bit more whether you need a little help with the high cost of living abroad or an additional financial support for your foreign education or want to go light on your studying habits in the foreign shores.

There are some coveted yet competitive scholarships which may let you get that edge over others and the precious admission letter for your college of choice.

If you are looking at scholarship and financial grants as a respite from your economic burdens, you might as well try these methods first:

Choose your university and country and wait for getting accepted for the course

Some US and UK universities provide more scholarships than other institutes. Before applying for colleges, research on both government-aided and private organizations that suit both your educational and scholarship needs. There are many universities abroad even in countries like China, Russia, Hong Kong, Canada and Australia that particularly offer scholarships to Indian students.

Note the tuition fees, hostel expenses and cost of living for these universities before you decide on the grant amount.

Alternatively, you can wait for getting the acceptance letter first from the college or university you choose, before applying for the scholarship. The funding that you finally avail will allow you to pay some instalments of that heavy bank loan or give you the chance to have extra money to spend, while abroad. Tuition fees and conveyance expenses can still be paid.


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