OMG! Did Kareena warn Priyanka?

It will be a really uncustomary pairing in the Koffee with Karan, the reality show where the mysogynistic comments of Hardik Pandya recently has put him in the eye of a massive storm. Koffee with Karan will now close in the ongoing season in style. The couch will be shared by Priyanka Chopra and Kareena Kapoor Khan who are not known to be the best friends of Bollywood.

We will definitely be on the edge of our seats when these two divas make spunky remarks. The chemistry between Kareena and Priyanka deteriorated after Kareena sneered at Priyanka’s accent. In a later episode, Priyanka took a jibe on Kareena’s then boyfriend and now husband Saif Ali Khan as a retaliation.

Glimpses of the promo of the upcoming episode featuring Kareena Kapoor Khan and Priyanka Chopra were shared on the Social Media Handles of Star World India. Karan was heard as saying in the promo, ““Whoever thought that I would have both of you on the same sofa…I think you should give us some breaking news,” Kareena Kareena asks why she is being asked to say something sensational when Priyanka says, “Because you are the karta-dharta of gup (queen of gossip).”

In the same promo however, Kareena tells her Aitraaz co-star “Don’t forget your roots” after the Fashion actress said she didn’t know who Varun Dhawan is dating. Kareena jeeringly asked Priyanka, “ So, now you only know about Hollywood actors?”

Kareena didn’t stop there, in the quiz round, Karan asked Priyanka Chopra to name the first album of Jonas brothers where her husband Nick Jonas was a part. When Priyanka failed to answer the question, Kareena asked her “How can you not know?” to which Priyanka smilingly replied, “ Because I didn’t google him before I married him”.

Seems like the episode is really going to be a win-win for us viewers. Kareena and Priyanka further bonded over being proposed to in Greece. “Really?” when Kareena asked her. Further Kareena added that it was really crazy! Karan went on to poke Kareena for her wisecracks and asked whether she calls the paparazzi to click her pictures. Kareena replied, “I don’t need to; I am telling them don’t come please. I don’t have any more gym clothes. I only have pyjamas now.” Kareena can surely bring the house down!

Priyanka was asked about one milennial habit in which she could beat an 18 year old, Priyanka said, “Moving on”. The reason why we penned down an entire article is, Kareena could not believe her ears when Priyanka said she didn’t know who Varun Dhawan is dating. Kareena said, “What do you mean you don’t know who Varun is dating? So now you only know Hollywood actors or what? You are making us sound like ‘kaun hai woh’? don’t forget your roots haan?”

Looks like Priyanka should have come prepared to deal with the winds of bon mot!

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