Your Love Isn’t In Town This Valentine’s Day???

Lonely Girl on valentine day

In an era of globalization where the rise in technology easily connects people, we somehow have failed to tap this advantage when it comes to matters of love and relations.

Why should long distance even matter when we can just Skype with anyone across the world?

Seriously we should be thankful that we aren’t in the technology deprived world where the fate of love depended on pigeons.

Just imagine if you had to depend on such weird mode of expressions. So thank your stars that you belong to a much better generation. With the Valentine’s Day fever gripping the world, if the person you love isn’t physically present in front of you…big deal.

Long distance and all are just excuses that people use may be to find an easy way to separate from their loved ones.

So if you think your bond is strong and can’t be easily logged out then just use that technology to get connected.

Embrace the physical distance and celebrate with your loved ones. Who knows you might be able to strike a conversation or end up celebrating the Valentine’s Day in a more special way than the couples who are together.

Surprise your loved one with a long distance phone call.

By the way you never know your loved one might be expecting a call but is refraining only because she wants you to make the first move.

Write something nice about your loved one; take a picture and Whatsapp that person.

You can also make a collage of unique interesting real life stories of couples and mail the document to your loved one indicating that you want the bond to last forever like these beautiful stories.

Actually you should be thanking your stars that this Valentine’s day you are not really facing all the ongoing drama by various religious and political sects. Since you aren’t with your loved one, you guys don’t have to face the ridiculous love and marriage test of the Hindu Mahasabha.

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