6 Ways To Say ‘I Love You’ Without Saying It

I love you without saying it

I love you without saying it – I love you is a bit too overrated these days.

Well, I am sure when you say it to your partner with all your heart and soul, you mean it. But don’t you think you have said it too much already and need to find some new ways for the same?

In that case, why don’t you switch I love you with few gestures that are much more special than these 3 words. Don’t have any idea?

Here, check how you can say I love you without saying it:

How to say I love you without saying it – 

1. Make them surprise bed breakfast

I am sure you wake up with each other and then wait for the breakfast till the time you leave home. Why? Simply, wake up a little early, make anything and accompany it with juice or coffee. Wake them up with the breakfast tray in hand and they will surely fall in love with you again for this gesture.

2. Bring something that they love

It could either be their perfect candy that they haven’t had from a long time or something that they want to purchase but couldn’t. Get it for them and see the emotions on their face are more than those three words.

3. Revisit the old times

Take her to a place that you used to go to in the beginning of your relationship and tell her that you miss coming to this place. I can assure you that the vibes at that time will be more romantic than ever.

4. Do their chores

It’s not a rule that the work distributed in home is only for him or her, sometimes you need to give your partner a surprise rest. And when that will happen, they will not just feel happy but that feeling of love towards you is going to be very real.

5. Play your favourite song and dance on it

Every couple has their own favourite song and you must be having one too. So, just play that tune and have a romantic dance session.

6. Watch their favourite movie together

Is there any movie that they love and you haven’t been watching at all? It’s time that you watch it with them and tell them you’re doing it because their choice is important for you.

These are the ways you can say I love you without saying it. No if you are going to do all these things for your partner, it is guaranteed that your love life will be all spruced up.

Try it and stay happy!

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