5 Important Questions You Need To Ask Yourself Before Quitting Your Job

Before quitting the job

Before quitting the job – With the influx of multi-national companies and a wide variety of career opportunities to choose from, most of the young people constantly contemplate the idea of quitting their present job and look for better prospects.

Some people quit their jobs so that they can pursue their passion which makes them happy and drives them forward in life. But, quitting your job isa big decision and you must think over it carefully before you make the final call.

Here are 5 important things you must think about before quitting the job.

Before quitting the job –

  1. Do you have enough savings?

If you are quitting your job without any back-up plan and does not have an immediate job opportunity, you must first figure out whether you have enough savings to get by for some time. A lot of young people do not realise this but lack of finance is something that ends up being yourbiggest issue after quitting your job. As an adult, you should notdepend on your parents to provide your financial support. If you do not have enough money at your disposal at your moment, wait forsome time and save a substantial amount before you take the plunge.

Before Quitting the Job

  1. Why are you doing this?

It is very important to understand and evaluate the reason behind you quitting your job. You must think about it carefully and make sure that you are satisfied with the reason. You should not do impulsively and for something that does not yield any result later. You must be very sure that you are doing it for a valid reason and something which you would not be regretting later. A lot of people will ask you about your decision to quit the job. You must be clear enough to explain them and yourself why you did so.

Before Quitting the Job

  1. Are you unhappy with your job?

Some people quit their jobs because they got into a particular field accidentally and are unhappy with their nature of work. If you are one of those people, you have the right reason to quit the job. If you are happy with your job and what you do in office and yet, want to quit, you needto introspect and find out what exactly is that thing that is compelling you to quit the job. For all you know, this might be a temporary phase of feeling low which you will overcome soon.

  1. Do you have a Plan B?

Do you have something to fall back on after you quit your job? If your answer is yes, then you might give it a shot and if your answer is no, you need to think about your decision or some more time. Flights have parachutes for a reason.  If you fall, you need to have aparachute that will help you land safely on the ground. You need to have a plan ready before you quit your job, sothat you have something to work on after quitting.

Before Quitting the Job

  1. What’s next?

If you have thought of quitting your job, you must have also thought of what you will be doing next. You need to keep next course of action ready as after quitting your job, you will have time at your disposal. You must chalk out a plan for what you will be doing next much before quitting your job. Do not wait for the time when you will be done with your job to do that. A lot of people become depressed when they have nothing to do. That is why you must plan a work or activity before you take the plunge.

Before Quitting the Job

These are the questions to be asked to yourself before quitting the job – If you quit your job for the right reason, it is not a bad thing at all. However, it is not a decision that is made in haste. You must weigh the pros and cons carefully and arrive at a decision after looking at all the possibilities.

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