MNC Or Private Organization – Does That Really Matter?

MNC and private company

MNC and private company – Brand value is the USP of an MNC and on the other hand local organization is better in providing job security.

There was a time when everybody was running for an MNC job and nowadays priorities have been changed. So, MNC’s also have molded some of their policies as per the new generation thoughts because they can’t afford low retention.

Let us go through some of the scenarios where we see both of the organizations, MNC and private company, good and bad points-

MNC and private company –

Job Satisfaction

This is a neutral situation where both of the employees see each other as satisfied ones because the grass is always green on the other side. If I ask an MNC employee, he would argue with the 24*7 support, shifts, and likewise many concerns which are not there in local organizations. On the other side, a local organization employee would argue by saying they don’t have good infra, onsite opportunities and many other examples.

Salary Issues

Some of the local employees do face issues of salary not being credited on time and an MNC employee has an advantage over it. On the other hand, there are some offices where you need to remind your boss about your salary. This is something not professional and out of the league but believe me we do have this kind of local setup in cities.

MNC and private company

Hygiene Issues

Both are on the negative side this time because as per reports and findings, hygiene issue occurs in MNC but the other one still better. The fact is the latter one has fewer employees and hence they take matters into their hands through discussion and find solutions. That’ how it works!

MNC and private company

Work culture

Something positive about MNC here is they have a process for even the tiniest of things. On the other hand, local offices sometimes come up with emergency situations and even be in loss due to lack of clear-cut policies. So, for most of the people working in an environment with a defined process seems good than be in a difficult situation and when it is not even your fault. So, that’s a thumbs up for MNC.

MNC and private company


No there is nothing to say about this. Both the ends are on the same level when it comes to politics. Even according to me, it is the leader and its vision that matters a lot here. If a leader wants to have employees who chase the target rather than snatching and spying on other’s ideas, politics stand would be the lowest. Coming out of an ideal situation, both the instances may or may not have this politics bug and up to the employee who wants to share their part or not.

MNC and private company

These are some of the major factors who differentiate the MNC and private company. Some of you can relate to it or some of you can’t but the fact is we all as an employee seeks a healthy organization to grow and succeed. Enter an organization after setting up your goals for a limited period of time, work hard to achieve the target and then take your decision to the next level. This is a very basic scenario and if you work like this, nobody can stop you from being successful and it could be MNC or the other one. Success is the ultimate goal nor the stability neither being the senior’s pet.

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