Meet Rupesh Pawar, Who Left His MNC Job To Become A Policeman


Rupesh Pawar, who was a graduate from Mumbai University, joined a firm like any other graduate. Many like us get surprise when they see Rupesh, who speaks fluent English and has corporate background, in khaki.

But his after who was ailing with kidney problem, ask him to join police as his whole family is following the tradition of being in police force. Where youngsters choose their profession instead f their family heirloom, Pawar made sure he continues family his legacy.

He left his  job with a corporate firm to join as a police constable. Even though he is facing lot of odds, he chose his family tradition.

He may have led a fulfilling life with high salary job but instead he chose a thankless but noble job and considers himself to have a heart of lion. For him the pride and honor is satisfying which is a vital to lead a happy life.

Learn more about him and his life from the video.

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