4 Super Effective Ways To CREATE A Dream Job For Yourself

We tell you how to create your dream job for yourself.

You know that dream job of yours, the one with amazing work culture, cool boss and frsh snakcs in the pantry? You know you’ll have to work really hard to bag the job. And how exactly are you going to do that? By showing your prospective employer that you’re going to perform incredibly well in the job and are going to be fit in around here.

When I say creating the job, I don’t mean working for yourself. Creating the job in generic terms means giving a splendid performance in your selection procedure, so brilliant that your prospective employer knows how badly they want somebody like you to work with them. We tell you how to create your dream job for yourself. Read on.


They say, first impression is the last impression. How much ever you want to deny the fact, somewhere or the other it emerges true. So, don’t underestimate the first appearance. While appearance was deemed less important than gravitas and communication skills, it is the very first thing people notice about you. Looking polished and pulled together is a professional’s most important physical asset. Also, being well groomed leaves a mark on your prospective employer.

Research about the company

You hear it all the time from career experts- Know the company bewfore you decide to work with it. Your prospective employer’s website is a great place to see the company as it wants to be seen. Think about how your experience and background have prepared you to support the company’s goals.

Be their interest

You know the job responsibilities and skills required for the job. You know you can do it. But to make your prospective employer understand that there’s no one better than you for the job, you need to be crisp and talk about their USP. While researching about the company, consider how the position you would be offered relate to its mission. Parroting their mission statement word by word is going to be of no help. Rather, do it in the form of a discussion.

Building relationship

You may want to make your prospective employers feel that you’re already one of them. Talk about their best selling product and how can they enhance it. Speak as if you understand where the company stands now and where do you see of it in the coming ten years. Bring up some common ground in the conversation, or a recent achievement of theirs which they might compliment you for.

In this tough job market, getting even shortlisted for your dream job is not easy, nor is CREATING the dream job for yourself. 

To be at the heights of your career, you need to come up with something unique and extraordinary and get your dream come true. 


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