I Am Very Beautiful Woman Of Age 30 But Got Rejected 5 Times Thanks To Society!

girlfriend material

I am a perfect girlfriend material but not marriage material WTF

Yes I am beautiful, educated, talented, and confident and I am also self-dependent and this is enough for society to call a girl b***h.  Why they do so I have no idea maybe because I earn a lot, stay alone party on weekends and wear western clothes and yeah have a tattoo too.

I am a perfect girlfriend material but not marriage material WTF the society rules are all f****d up and need to change ASAP!

I live in Bengaluru and my parents in Chennai and I come from a Marwari family but thankfully my dad is cool enough to support me he educated me and also agreed for a job. Now I am 30 years my dad is looking for an alliance for 3 years and all the Rishta meetings get goofed up when I tell them I want to work post-wedding. 

Did I ask for sun or moon no simple thing I want to focus on my career?

But seems in our society in-laws don’t need a bahu they need a caretaker ( maid) who can work 24/7 on demand always and in night satisfy their son. My parents convenience them by saying my daughter can balance both home and her job well, and yes I can manage after all I am living alone and used to of completing home chores before reaching office.  Now when my father says this to boys family they get irked your daughter lives alone, they get another reason no this girl will not fit in our family.

Yes, sure I don’t fit in your so-called idiot’s family frame where a bahu is just a servant for free of cost!

Can you grow up just because I am independent and earn doesn’t mean I will not respect your family, or I will not cook, just because I stay alone doesn’t mean I am characterless? Stop assuming things, guys. I can cook, and work and balance things!

I am happy staying alone and I am single will only settle with a guy and family who trust me and love me unconditionally.

Note to the society

Stop judging us by the way we look, stop the restrictions, for god’s sake broaden your mindset which is shrinking.

 Working women are not “Bit***’s we have talent and we are no less than men!

Frustrated Anonymous girl

This is a story of my friend and I am so proud of her choices!

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