Lindsay Lohan Says You Had Sex With Her: Did You?

A recent interview of photographer Terry Richardson claiming that he never had sex with Lindsay Lohan. However, Lindsay had leaked a list with names of all the Hollywood big-shots she had slept with!

Okay, this question is for all those Hollywood A-listers who seem to know or have met Lindsay Lohan at some point in their lives.

There were the days when men use to keep the”score”! In simple words, men use to keep a track record of how many women they have slept with and that use to be the comparative point to determine, who is the best hunk? Now whether those sex-lists were true or not, nobody knows for sure. Alas, now times have changed and such a list is made and maintained by women! Men should improve on their act or else this territory will also be conquered by women!

Coming back to our story, there was indeed a sex-list that was leaked in April this year which contained the names of all the men who bedded Lindsay Lohan! The names that adorn the list are the likes of Justin Timberlake, Zac Afron, Orlando Bloom, Ashton Kutcher and Collin Farrell!! WHOA, some list that is for sure!!


Even though she claimed innocence initially, later on it was revealed that Lindsay herself got that list prepared and published online to garner some instant publicity. She did succeed in her novel endeavour! However, even to cheat, one needs brain. It seems, that is the arena Lindsay falls behind. May be she forgot to check with all the men she was including in that list if it was “OK” to name them. Or may be she was on drugs to randomly name every man she could have thought of or would have fantasized about!

That is the reason how one after the other Lindsay’s so called sex-buddies are denying of ever sleeping with her. First, James Franco denied it and now photographer Terry Richardson has gone ahead and denied it in the New York Magazine! Come to think of it, Terry himself is embroiled in a work-for-sex scandal with model Emma Appleton and he has the balls to deny that he ever had sex with Lindsay!!

Lindsay baby, now you get an idea of how low you have sunk for those 15-minutes of fame??

May be she should have brought out a list of men she wants to sleep with and then should have sent it to those individual heartthrobs with a personal invitation card. Who knows, she would be lying in an orgasmic la la land by now! But here she is, getting embarrassed every few days by such denials and venting out anger on those poor freckles on her face. Yes, the very same freckles she used to be in love with, but now feels irritated at the very sight of them. Her new pass-time is to find a workable way to get rid of those and get a fresher, brand-new face!

Our advice for her: Listen hon, focus on your acting or better still; see a psychiatrist to get your senses back.

Maybe another rehab session is on the cards for her, who knows if it will work or not!

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