These Highest Paying Future Jobs Can Give You Bright Future

Highest Paying Future Jobs

Highest paying future jobs – The world still believes the myth that India is one among the poor countries where employees are paid less than what they deserve.

Do you think so?

Working 9 am – 9pm simply does not mean a person should be paid more but the quality of work you perform and the difficulties involved in your work can surely influence your salary structure in just a month.

However, here are some of the highest paying future jobs that will promise to brighten your future.

1 – Oil and Natural Gas Sector Professionals

If you are a fresher in Oil and Natural Gas Sector, you can expect a starting package of more than 3 lakhs. However, the demand for jobs in Oil and Natural Gas Sector has been increasing in India which also promises to give high salary. The salaries are skyrocketing in the private sector with top employers such as British Gas, Reliance Energy, Halliburton, Schlumberger, and Shell. If you have an experience of 5-6 years, you can expect a salary of INR 15-20 Lakhs per Annum.

2 – Technical writer

If you think content writers and Technical writer are one and the same, girl, please! A technical writer is far different from a content writer who loves to pitch anything from gossips to stories. The technical writer generally writes an article which is related to the IT or technical firms. The salary of a Technical writer can be somewhere between 60 K to 1.50 Lakhs.

3 – Relationship Therapists

If you stay aboard or if you are acquainted with the foreign culture, let me tell you that Relationship Therapists are some of the regular professions in West. People are ready to pay lakhs and lakhs of money in order to mold their relationship according to their preference. You need to be a graduate to become a Relationship Therapists where the main job is to guide people regarding their current relations.

4 – Business Consultants

Business Consultants understands the requirements of a client, understands the current market, locate data and analyze it according to the current situation. Generally, a Business Consultants sometimes start working as a project manager, senior consultant, analysts etc. The need for Business Consultants in the current market has increased and so is the salary. With just one year of experience, a person can start bagging 1 lakh salary in one month which may also be higher according to your knowledge and educational background.

5 – SEO analysts

SEO analysts are the real person behind the growth of a website or web channel. From startups to a well developed and reputed company, everyone is looking for an SEO analysts to give them a lead in Google search engines. You can take up the course as an SEO analysts and start working as an expert. The minimum salary of an SEO analyst starts somewhere around 40 K and goes up to 1.5- 2.5 lakhs in a month.

These are some of the highest paying future jobs that will surely rule the employment market in 2017. Are you one among these professions?

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