Kasibhatta Samhitha : A Girl Who Passed 10th At 10 And Became Engineer At 16

Kasibhatta Samhitha

Kasibhatta Samhitha – What did you do when you were 16?

Of course, you would go to college with friends and would have fun with them and probably would be roaming around with them and even have dreamed of future together.

But there are some people who already achieved a lot and made their career at just 16 and with this they make their parents and society proud.

Last month the results of the 10th and the 12th were announced. Some of the students scored too great and rest good but one thing cannot be denied that all of them worked really hard and tried their best to make their parents happy. And now, as usual, all of them are preparing for their career. This is a general process and each of us goes through it at a particular age. But there are few of us who achieve it all before age, and such extraordinary people make history.  Today we will talk about one such girl who became an engineer just at the age of 16, yes, you heard right engineer at the age of 16 when most of us just started our career.

Kasibhatta Samhitha

We are talking about Kasibhatta Samhitha who did this wonder at the age of 16. Looking at her, it seems that she is a wonder kid with a god gifted talent. She is a local resident of Telangana and today she has become an example for the whole nation.

At the age of 16 when most of us finish school, Kasibhatta Samhitha finished even her college and became an engineer and now she is the youngest female engineer of Telangana.

Her parents are at the ninth cloud since their daughter has created history. It’s been more than a month when Kasi passed her engineering but her house is still full of people who are willing to meet and wish the wonder girl, Kasi.

Samhita’s father L.N. Kasibhat works as consultant and mother Geeta Chaturvedula is a Project Manager in Tech Mahindra.

While talking to Media, Geeta Chaturvedula told that, when Kasibhatta Samhitha was 3 years old, she knew the capitals of almost every country. Given this, she decided that she would not let her daughter’s talent go unnecessarily. So, she supported Kasi in every possible way a mother could ever do.

Kasibhatta Samhitha

This is not it, Kasibhatta Samhitha has also been honoured by the President for her education and unbeatable memory. You’ll be amazed to know that when she got popular to learn the capital of every country, the contemporary President A. P. J. Abdul Kalam had also met and greeted her for a bright future. You can see in this photo, where Kasi is shaking hands with President Kalam. You can see that Samhita has not changed at all.

The wonder girl passed her 10th with 8.8 GPAs at the age of 10 and then she got 89% marks in 12th grade. After this, she applied for engineering. But as she was too young to join the college, no college allowed her to take admission then her parents appealed to the Telangana Government in 2014 to let her join the college. They demanded to remove the age bar for admission. Of course, if a person is capable to do something than age should not be a limitation.

After government inference, she got admission in Chaitanya Bharati Institute of Technology, where she studied Electrical and Electronics. She wants to go to the power sector to serve the nation.

So this was the inspirational story of Kasibhatta Samhitha. Many good wishes to you

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