This Guy’s Profession Is Rolling Joints. Imagine How Much He Earns?

expert joint roller

When I was an innocent child, I had a thousand thoughts I needed to catch up just to be advised nobody would give me cash to do any of it.

At that point my mum taught me to do what I want and cash will keep coming.

In spite of the fact that my mom’s wise advise didn’t work out for me, it worked out for Tony Greenhand, a 26-year-old expert joint roller from Albany, Oregon. He as of late revealed that he’s viewed as one of the absolute best joint-rollers on the planet and has been paid up to $7000 for his work some time recently.

expert joint roller

That request was from somebody who needed an arrangement of little joints that looked like weapons. He even figured out how to make a completely smokeable AK-47 joint.

Greenhand’s customer, a rich man who is a fan of guns in Florida, had flown out in a private plane to take delivery of the joints he had booked. In the order, there was a 1.5-ounce brilliant Glock. At that point, there was the centerpiece of the committal—a reproduction of an AK-47, formed from moving papers and a half-pound of bud.

Putting each piece smoothly into a cardboard box, Greenhand, expert joint roller, advanced to the top floor of the Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront. With his long hair, baseball cap and 150-pound body, he looked more like a pizza boy than a craftsman with a hold of figures that would make Snoop Dogg swoon.

Greenhand’s, an expert joint roller, well off purchaser was in love when he saw the weapons and the grenade. “The reckoning nearly murdered me brother,” he stated, taking a long swig from a container Kettle One vodka. He shook his head in a condition of skepticism. Everyone in that party loved those joints and fell in love with Green’s art.

To be very honest, I know lot of people who could improve the use of their weed stock if they could learn a bit from Tony. When he first made a joint, it was declared shit by his friends and the people around him. Presently, he has an Instagram account where he flaunts his inventive spliffs.

Now, that’s an achievement.

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