Land Rover Defender’s Farewell To Be Commemorated With Three Limited Edition Designs!

The Land Rover Defender edition is being discontinued amidst outcries by loyalists. Land Rover has gifted them with one last gift; Heritage / Adventure / Autobiography

It’s time for one of the most iconic 4X4 adventure vehicles of our time to take some rest.

As production is being cut down, the stalwart Defender series is being sent off with a teary goodbye by its creators, Land Rover. After 68 years of unparalleled service, it’s time to say goodbye to this legend.

However, Land Rover aficionados still have a reason to celebrate this sudden farewell. Land Rover is gifting you with three limited editions of the vehicle, each highlighting different shades of the Defender’s character; these cars will be the last of this franchise offering in this segment.

“We wanted to mark the end of Defender production with a special edition, but coming up with a single identity was impossible and we went on to develop three very different interpretations of the Defender in order to  reflect its strength and breadth of character…” said Nick Rodgers, Land Rover Vehicle Line Director

The Autobiography edition is the modern luxury-laden offering, with a subtle two-tone paintwork on the outside, classy Windsor leather upholstery and an upgradeable 2.1-litre four-cylinder engine, giving it a boost of 150-horsepower from the erstwhile120-horsepower. This version will hit dealerships in April and will retail at around£61,845. Only 80 of them will be manufactured.



To commemorate its nostalgic legacy, Land Rover is offering the Heritage edition, neatly sprayed in a Grasmere green body with a sporty white roof. The grille is a more retro-style now, decked with the “HUE 116” graphics which is another reminiscent memory of the registration plate the pre-production Land Rover’s used to have, owing to its nickname ‘Huey’.Land Rover Defender Heritage prices may begin from £27,800. Only 400 of them will be made available to public in the UK.



The Adventure edition is being offered to give it the modern feel; befitting today’s globetrotter’s needs. It will be retrofitted with additional under-body protection for the engine sump as well as the delicate side sills. It will have chunky Goodyear MT/R tires to give it snappiness and a turbo feel. This will be the sportiest looking offering of the three. It is retailing at £43,495 only in the UK. Currently, 600 Land Rover Defender Adventure Editions are currently up for grabs in the UK. For Land Rover lovers, this is indeed a sad moment. These cars are what introduced the world to exploration of the un-tread paths.



Land Rovers are known as the epitome of ruggedness coupled with strength and capability under the hood. A legend is going away, don’t miss out on this opportunity to grab these Limited Edition Land Rovers to uphold the Defender’s spirit of exploring the unseen and the unknown! 

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