Career Options For A Graduate In Architectural Studies

We tell you all about the options you could pursue, with a degree in architecture, apart from going for higher studies or working independently. Read on!

Whether we live in them, work in them or simply stroll around them, buildings and physical structures are arguably the most wanted form of art, design and functionality in our daily life. They can be influenced by politics, economics, social trends and not to forget the city, town or village they are built in.

While a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture (B.Arch) can be obtained from five years of study and internships combined, a career survey data shows that there are hardly an graduates who carry on to work as architects or join any architectural services. We tell you all about the options you could pursue, with a degree in architecture, apart from going for higher studies or working independently. Read on!

What does it take to be an architect

While talking of architects, all you can think of are buildings and physical structures. However very few of us are aware of the fact that successful architects need certain characteristics. Architects need to visualize how things will look once the changes are made. In addition to these, architects need good listening, problem solving and critical thinking skills. So before you decide to take up a career in architecture, make sure you are thorough with the skills required to be successful in it.

Alternative Career Options

The training acquired through an architecture based education can be applied to a number of different non architecture based job titles. Individuals who hold any of these degrees can pursue a similar but different career path and apply those architecture related skills to other disciplines.

– Construction Manager

Construction managers plans and designs the prototype of a building alongwith determining the construction materials and most efficient way for construction. They also oversee the hiring of general contractors who are responsible for the project’s specific aspects like paiting or plumbing. The scope and salary for a construction manager is as good in India as abroad.

– Urban Planner

Urban planners use their knowledge of design and construction planning to effectively develop areas for residential, commercial and social use. Their job entails studying the current value of a land to be procured and preparing reports on it. The reports cover things like local population growth, resource availibility, cost of land currently and few years later. This process helps ensure their plans are presently viable and sustainable for years to come.

– Graphic Designer

A graphic designer uses visuals to communicate an idea that requires implementation of artistic and creative skills like drawing, layout and photography. Graphic designers also play a vital role in the advertising industry, as the industry depends on getting customers for products by creating images. The job allows you to use your creative skills, you learnt from the architectural traning days and satisfy a client’s demand, directly. The demand for a graphic designer is evident from the advertisements we get to see everyday on the products we use.

More than a third of recent architecture graduates are architectural and town planning technicians. So, apart from going for higher studies or to gain experience in other fields related to building and construction, these are a few options you could try.

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