These 8 World’s Most Expensive Mobile Phones Are Some Crazy Pieces!


Mobile phones have become an inseparable part of human lives today.

People love to invest in the latest gadgets, irrespective of the sky-high prices. A person’s cell phone is his gateway into everything that goes on in his life, and their lifestyle too, including their standards. With the recent advances in technology, it now seems as if your cell phone can do everything that your computer can do.

It then comes as no surprise that your cell phone could cost as much as it does. But some of them are really worth fortunes.

These 8 world’s most expensive mobile phones are some crazy pieces! Let’s see which one you wish to own?

  1. Vertu Signature Diamond

Vertu is known for its ultra expensive range of Luxury mobile phones. Vertu’s Signature Diamond is made of platinum and is known to be the best assembly process, which is accomplished by hands and not machines. This phone is embellished by 200 cut diamonds and costs a mind blowing sum of $ 88,000!


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