5 Ways To Utilize Your Breaks At Workplace Creatively

Office breaks can be made more creative and entertaining. With slight emphasis on the period of the breaks we tell you how to utilize them creatively.

I face it every day- the afternoon slump during and after lunch breaks.

As soon as I finish my lunch and get back to my work desk, I yawn and yawn until I take an afternoon nap or gulp down two mugs of cappuccino. While people feel there are many ways to beat the afternoon stupor, we talk about ways in which these breaks could be made more creative and entertaining.

With slight emphasis on the period of the breaks we tell you how to utilise them creatively. Read on!


While you generally work on your own throughout the day, take time to know your colleagues better and their way of working during these breaks. Every organisation is sure to have two members on the team- the most productive and the least productive. Having a work related or unrelated conversation with other members on the team would help you know more ways to be productive.

Constructive thinking

While you munch on your food, think about ways you perform better and more efficiently. No, I am not asking you to underestimate yourself, unless you are not satisfied with your results. Build a prototype or create measures for tasks that take a long time to finish. Reading your favourite book during breaks also helps as it takes your mind totally off the work for some time and you get back to work afresh.

Physical activities

Studies have shown that people who indulge in physical activities are more efficient at work. Being active activates your feel good antiphons and takes off your mind from the daily worries. Try going for a brisk walk after your lunch or involve yourself in any indoor game like table tennis at workplace. Physical activity helps in energising your brain’s neurotransmitters, hence giving you an opportunity for a ‘Eureka’ moment.

Cell phone games

You think of strategies and tactics to be the winner rather than the runner up. With an increase in difficulty in every level, there is a change in your reflex and observation, hence making you recreational and innovative. No wonder you keep getting those irritating Candy crush requests.

Tasty food

Just like the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, the way to an employee’s productivity is a happy meal. Quite often while you’re stressed at work, call for or step out for food that makes you happy. There are diet foods that tickle your taste buds and there are foods that wipe stress off your face. So stop thinking, just eat, be happy and indulge in better outcomes.

Taking time out for yourself even when you’re at work, is a good way to unwind the work related stress, and creating more opportunities for you. The bottom line lies in being happy and getting more creative.

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