Kyun Kyun? Aakhir Kyun Hain Itni Q In Our Lives?

We here bring a hilarious face of all the queues that we stand in, at some point of our lives. The queues are inevitable, we cannot escape them.

There was a horde of tiny-winy human babies waiting to take birth and reach the planet earth eager to have a life, when one of them, in utter hurry, went running, hit the door and fell down. God held his hand, help him get up and said, “I can’t be everywhere to save you! You ought to maintain the discipline. Make sure you don’t break the QUEUE!”

And ever since that time, poor devastated human has been trapped in queues!

If you are a human and happen to be reading this, I can bet that you must have been a part of some or all (if you have been ruthlessly unlucky enough) of the queues that will follow.

1). You have been in the queue even before you were born! Your mom stood there! A queue to give birth!


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