5 Ways To Overcome the Trapped-In-My-Job Feeling

Here’s why you feel trapped in your job and a way you could overcome the feeling.

It’s not just the people who escape from anything and everything, but there are times when each one of us feel trapped in our jobs. There are mornings when you rack your brain and persuade yourself to go to work.

Yet it is that part of you, which brings up an excuse not to leave the bed and go to work.

It is no picnic to feel trapped in your job and the damage it does can be considerably toxic. Over the time, if you let that feeling take over you, weighing you down and slowing your steps, you might forget how ambitious and confident you used to be.

Here’s why you feel trapped in your job and a way you could overcome the feeling.

1. Everyone else is better

Your performance review may not be topping the charts for the past few weeks, but that does not mean that you’re not putting in your efforts. Comparing yourself unfavourably to your colleagues is going to get you one thing really well- making you feel really crappy. Seeing others as more skilled, more capable and more talented than you, you’ll feel like you need to stay out of the spotlight to avoid criticism. But remember that everyone is better and worse than others on a limitless number of scales.

2. It’s tough out there

You’ve seen them all in the headlines- Job economy on a low, layoffs, fat cats getting richer. Considering all of these, is it not a good thing that you are lucky enough to have a job. If you believe that you don’t stand a chance out there, every door shuts and the only option you’re left with is to stay out and feel trapped. Yet, there is a chance that you can reach for better things. Take a leap and make your move, if it feels that dissatisfying.

3. Wait and watch

For those who want to play the waiting game in the hope that other people will come along and make everything okay, get out of your denial. Waiting is good only if it is a part of your larger strategy- like building capital to start your own thing. Else, it’s as good as doubting yourself. Your choices should be based on what matters to you the most, not what you’re afraid of.

4. What else do you want

It is going to be difficult for you to get what you want if you’re not sure about what EXACTLY do you want. Start questioning yourself about more autonomy or something in a different location. For all you might know is that you don’t want to work for someone else, which is why asking questions and answering them confidently is the biggest weapon you have.

5. Proving yourself always

Working for someone else is hard. You have to build your way up, learn from the best and do what you can. That is how success happens. The belief that you have to prove yourself is one of the damaging ones in your career. It fuels a sense of what is expected from you rather than doing what’s right. There is absolutely no need to prove anything unless required. You just have to feel free to do your best work, wherever that may take you (I’m sure you’ll land up somewhere good).

It’s normal to face the struggle in your job once in a while. Everybody has experienced it- me, you and your neighbour. But what matters in the end is how well do you fight back or make your way through.

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