7 Refreshing Reasons Why Morning Sex Is Better Than A Hot Cuppa Coffee!


Now that we are talking, like, REALLY TALKING, about sex, let’s make the best of it.

And while we include anything and everything about steamy night sessions, why to shove the  morning ones in the corner?

You know, what my belief is? I believe, and a bit too firmly on that; that not even the best Irish roast can wake you up, like an untamed, full of passion, and sexy; making out session with your partner can!

Trust me, I am not joking!

Well, if you are that unlucky one who is out of a relationship or leading a spinster’s life, I am sorry, no help here for you. You will have to be contended with silencing your alarm and rolling out of bed a bit too wearily, avoiding to look at anything until you fix yourself that morning dose of poison!

But, If you are lucky enough to get the morning dose of hot and steamy quickie, you totally don’t need a coffee to wake you up!

Here are 7 totally refreshing reasons why morning sex is better than a hot cuppa coffee:

  1. You Start Your Day With Ultimate Form of Love

While I agree that saying “I Love You” to that special one, first thing in the morning is definitely cute, but, if you get to demonstrate that love in a more engaging and fulfilling manner, it goes a long way in building up the rest of the day. Sex is, after all, the best form of love, isn’t it? It is so much personal and warming. Armed with those loads of cuddles and tingly kiss feeling, you feel so refreshed for the rest of the day!


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