This Is How Begging Turned Out To Be A Curse For Our Society!

Begging Is A Curse

“Begging Is A Curse”

In our country, the history of begging is quite old.

Since the ancient time, begging has been an absolute tradition.

But currently in India, the appearance of begging is simply incomparable to the past.

Today when we see the beggars asking for money, it indirectly creates a different scenario in our mind, agree? Like- when we see the beggars on streets, the feeling of compassion delivers to be less as compared to the hatred.

But in the past, all of these feelings were quite different. As in, people used to really respect and feel the pain of such beggars. Let me tell you, earlier, the whole subject of “begging” was seen with an immense respect.

In the past, begging was actually done in two types.

The Monks used to stay in forest and practice austerity. And on the other side, celibate used to beg and look out for ways to get education.

There was a genuine purpose for people who used to beg in their childhood days. They were quite aware that they are seeking education because of social assistance. Based on this principle, the main motto was that begging would help the poor ones to get educated, just like the rich ones who were getting education in their own terms.

Through this arrangement, the duty of society was important as their participation would help in the children’s education. Along with this, the children were also being taught that once they get an education, they should try to develop the society in a good way.

This was the only reason why in scriptures, giving money to the students and monks was set as an essential duty. And along with that, the students and monks were also bound to the rule that they will only ask for the needed money. If anyone who wouldn’t obey this was considered as a sinner.

Earlier, when the students and monks who were considered as blessings, today they turned out to be nothing but curse. No doubt but today, the whole country is trying it’s best to get rid of it.

Government and society wants only one thing and that is- to get rid of this never-ending curse. Earlier the students who were taught to behave rightfully are now getting involved into doing things like Cannabis and Gambling.

Nowadays, especially for children’s out there, begging has become a business. Earlier, when the beggars used to be polite into asking money, are today behaving in an opposite manner. These days, the beggars haven’t just lost their self-respect but they don’t even care of doing something worth.

For such people’s mental, moral and spiritual rejuvenation, Youngisthan has started a campaign. Because of this medium, we are not just trying to make India beggar-free but we also want people to stop practising begging for bad reasons.

This is how we can actually try our best to make India beggar-free in true terms and remove the black stigma that says- begging is a curse.

What are your thoughts on this point of begging is a curse scenario? Comment below.

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