5 Reasons Why You Should Prefer Smaller Organizations To Work With Rather Than Bigger Ones

we tell you why working with smaller companies could be good for you.

Every graduate or post graduate while looking for a job wishes to get through a Fortune 500 company. And why not? There’s a reason the company made it to few of the topmost in the world. However the job market today is extremely competitive and not all the eligible candidate gets the best. So while most of you aren’t satisfied with your placement, mainly because your prospective recruiter is not included among the Fortune 500 companies, we tell you why working with smaller companies could be good for you. Read on.

1. Showcasing

Because there are not too many members in small organizations, you often get the opportunity to showcase your talent and skills and are recognized for your efforts in the organization. Apart from that you also get better opportunities to take on responsibility beyond your job description and prove your worth.

2. Strict policies

While big companies are very particular about their log in and log out time, smaller companies give you a little leverage when it comes to timings. The number of working hours and days off might also differ from what you would have bagged at a branded organization. No wonder youngsters these days are preferring to work with start-ups rather than going for the bigger fish.

3. Office politics

Higher the number of vessels, more will be the noise.  Agree or not, but it is a proven fact that employees working in organizations with lesser workforce are happier than those working with bigger ones.

4. Job security

In the past people chose large companies as they offered better job security. However, with the current trend of employee downsizing among bigger organizations, there is little or no job security in the first place. Unlike large companies, in small organizations you get to interact with the top management. This goes a long way in building a loyal and committed workforce.

5. Faster promotions

When you choose to work with a small organization, you stand a greater chance of being noticed as you don’t get lost in the crowd. If you’re a strong performer you are bound to receive faster promotions and pay raises, thus achieving the ultimate goal in your career. You will also be recognized for your contribution in that particular project you were in.

There is a significant upside for professionals moving from a bigger pond to a smaller one. To take on more responsibility, earn greater recognition for success, gain ample exposure to a number of areas in the organization and have a more direct impact on a company’s bottomline, try and go for the smaller ones rather than the brands.

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