4 Ways To Make Part Time Jobs Count On Your Resume

We suggest a few ways to make part time jobs matter on your resume. Read on!

I am very sure we all have had some experience in doing what we never want to do for the rest of our life.

Be it a full time job or a part time job, I ‘m sure there have been a number of instances when you’d have felt that this is leading nowhere and that it is no good continuing like this.

But where, a full time job has the maximum weightage on your resume, as it is the only proof of your experience in a certain field, part time jobs are not taken very seriously, no matter whatever or whichever industry you worked for. We suggest a few ways to make part time jobs matter on your resume. Read on!

1. Result Oriented

The best way to write attractive resume bullets is to focus on your results rather than your profile or responsibilities. Focusing on what you gained and how did it affect the organization or individual you worked for, plays a vital role in telling your prospective employer about your capabilities. So your best bet is to show the recruiting manager that you’re a high performer, by outlining your achievements and leaving an impact.

2. Unnecessary mentioning

Including all jobs you have had on your resume isn’t really necessary. But at the same time, faking a job you never had is unforgivable. You can strike off on your list those jobs that have nothing to do with the work profile you are applying for, or the company.

A number of people out there are under the impression that including as many number of activities on a resume as they were invloved in, might leave a solid impact on the recruiter. Sorry to say, but the hiring manager is just going to appreciate you for that and get back to the thing he/she was looking forward to.

3. Ability Counts

It is always good to point up your knack for picking up new skills quickly, because in the end if some of your previous experience is not relevant, you can, at the very least use it to showcase your ability to learn new things, really fast. The ability to learn fast is a universally desired skill and can go surprisingly a long way, particularly with companies known for hiring potential candidates.

4. Be Clear

In case you have a record of working full time throughout in your career, make sure that you’re clear about taking up a part time job, as the recruiter is definitely going to ask you about looking for a part time job. You need to assure the recruiter that you understand the position and are still interested in taking up this job, followed with a relevant reason.

We’ve all had jobs that eventually may not require mentioning on the resume.

But until the time arrives, it’s better to build up your resume with other gigs.

You never know what opportunity might come knocking your door.

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