4 Important Skills You Need To Possess Before You Apply To A Law School

We tell you about a few important skills you need to possess before you apply to a law school. Read on!

From writers to politicians to freedom fighters, lawyers have donned many hats since years.

Today, a career in law has become one of the most sought options among the youth. However, getting into a law school and passing out of it are two different things. We are no great personalities who can walk into law firms as desired.

Coming out of a law school with your only grades as A’s along with a good balanced CV that talks of experience and accimplishments, is no doubt an important part of your career. We tell you about a few important skills you need to possess before you apply to a law school. Read on!

Writing skills:
No profession in this world is complete without the knowledge of writing. Lawyers are supposed to draft briefs, memorials, contracts and a hunderd of other documents everyday. Once you’ve joined the course, you’ll get to know how important this skill is, right in your first year. Undergraduate lawyers would know what I am talking about here. So if you’re used to type things like- ‘Thnx’ or ‘ryt’ or ‘Wad’s gng on’, it’s time you start working on your English.

Interpersonal skills:
The skills involves building and managing relationships with the people you deal with, basically your prospective clients. Unlike other professions, you need to sell your skills directly to the client. How do make that happen? Nurture your skills from the very beginning, to be successful in this field.

Communications skills:
You’d know from the very beginning if you have a passion to pursue law. You’d also know if you’re a good speaker as well as a good listener. To make your career trajectory shoot up in this field it is very important that you have patience and listen to what oters have to say. And as far as, speaking is concerned, why not watch and learn something from your favourite motivational speaker?

Learning skills:
Prepare yourself to learn new terms that you may never even have heard of until you joined the law school. You’ll have to by heart and understand the meaning of Latin words like stare decisis or malum prohibitum. Trust me, the usage of these words in your daily language can make people think very high of you. However, be sure of the terms before you use them in front of someone who’s experienced in this field. You may end up creating a negative impression about yourself.

With admissions going on in high fervour, it’s better to prepare yourselves for things to come, before you engage totally into studying. Maybe, you should be mentally prepared to slog your work.

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