Tanishq Breaks The Convention Again But Did They Live Upto Their USP?

Tanishq Wedding Jewellery Ad Review – Playing along the shaadi season ‘˜Tanishq’ has yet again come with an out of the box #WeddingFilm. But this ad has its own pros and cons. Must watch!

Playing along the shaadi season ‘Tanishq’ has yet again come with an out of the box #WeddingFilm.

This one isn’t really hard hitting as the previous ad where we see the mother getting married, but quite a quirkier take on the wedding scenario in the country.

The typical Indian wedding drama with all family members (from three generations) engaged in preparing for the D day.

Here the angle is the child like attitude within the grandmom. The bride’s dadi (grandmother) is lured into the glitzy bling of ‘Tanishq Jewellery’ adorned on a girl in South Indian attire.

She looks at her granddaughter decked up in Punjabi styled jewelleries. She calmly exclaims #ShadiNaKar.

Her reasoning was that had she chosen a groom from the South then she could have adorned two types of jewelleries hinting at the goddy jewelleries that a bride from South Indian marriage gets to wear.

Even though she is old her desire didn’t age out.

She might be old aged but her child like heart still craves for that fancy desire and there is a spark in her eyes just like any other woman when it comes to jewellery shopping.

Her thoughts are not at all old fashioned. The best part is the dialogue where she says “how boring”. Her logic was that if the marriage is love marriage then why her granddaughter chose someone from the same community – Punjabi.

The creative head of this ad is slightly hinting the opportunity of opening the mind set for marriages between different communities. Through the character of dadi being the oldest of the generations opening up her mindset the Tanishq creative gurus sent a subtle message to the society.

The granddaughter however remains adamant on her choice and asks her dadi to convince her sister to find a South Indian groom.

But this very idea has its own pros and cons.

On one hand it highlights the fun of mingling of different cultures in marriages but on the other hand, it in a way shows the Punjabi wedding ornamentation to be boring.

The comparison between the ornaments adorned by a Punjabi to be bride and the South Indian to be bride kind of limits the options and hints that the bride in Punjabi wedding is not as decked up as a bride in South Indian wedding.

The voice over in the end says ‘Hum kisibhi shaadi ke liye tayaar hain’ selling the USP of the product about the varieties of options available in this brand and this defies the way the ad is presented.

They clearly don’t have many options for the Punjabi brides.

Talking about the blend of cultures the way the music blends in this ad is beautiful. The transition of music when dadi looks at the bride to be in South Indian attire is brilliantly done.

This ad definitely takes an approach towards broadening the mindset of the society but in the whole thing, I felt they kind of got confused on their USP of jewellery options available for every community.

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