Develop Professional Skills That’ll Help You Bag A Great Opportunity Without Squeezing Extra Hours

How to get better career opportunity – We share few effective and painless ways, that’ll help you keep updated about the latest skills and technology in your industry.

Most professionals do not wish to be complacent when it comes to career growth.

What profile you work on today, is a reflection of your knowledge, skills, experience that made you deserving for the position. However, the key to have a good career growth can be found by keeping your skills updated.

By getting better at what you do and expanding the boundaries on what you understand, you become even more valuable to your team, customers, and company.

You don’t always need to size out a huge chunk of your time to keep your skills updated.

We share few effective and painless ways, that’ll help you keep updated about the latest skills and technology in your industry.

Online library of courses

A wide range of free online courses are made available by famous universities all over the world, for people to have access to world class education, irrespective of their region, background, qualifications, or profession. The MOOCs allow you to know and improve your knowledge about any subject you’ve wanting to dig through since long. All you need to do is register. For that matter, even informative blogs can help you fulfil this function.

Utilizing work breaks

Office breaks can be effective and entertaining if you want them to. While you generally work on your own throughout the day, take time to know your colleagues better and their way of working during these breaks. Read your favourite book during breaks, or create measures for tasks that take a long time to accomplish.

Utilizing commuting period

The travel time to work presents the best setting to absorb a podcast, audio book, or other training tool that you can listen to, or watch while commuting. If you’re driving, you could play a documentary or an audio book. If not, well, that’s where you use your MP4 installed in your smart device.


Weekends are the best time to learn, particularly when the others in your household are out and you have a quiet moment. You may not want to spend your weekend thinking about work, or doing anything related to work. However, you can always take out an hour to know about a new technology or watch something that improves your knowledge about a certain project.

Documentary rather than fiction

Why watch TV fiction all the time, when you can use the same equipment to learn something good? The next time you feel like using your high clarity, surround sound television, enjoy a few documentaries, as that’ll make you more knowledgeable and smarter.

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