With surplus from Sheila govt in hand, let’s expect Kejriwal to deliver the moon

Delhi runs a revenue surplus of Rs 9.713 crore which means Kejriwal led AAP is going to deliver its promises of free water and subsidised electricity while enjoying the sunk ship of Dikshit which had treasures in it.

With a deadline in hand to deliver free water, Janlokpal and subsidized electricity to the people of Delhi, AAP chief minister designate Arvind Kejriwal is busy holding ‘Janata Durbars’ even before taking oath to the office. He has already proclaimed his kingship and is now working on it.

He has offered the moon to his supporters who helped him manage a spectacular debute in the Delhi assembly elections. While his promises of ‘free everything’ due to the idealistic principles his party runs on, some may fear starting of a freebie culture which ensures votes and sympathy for the government, but trouble for the people itself later on.

His agendas and promises are also to an extent seem preposterous to the normal eye. And one is least expecting out of Kejriwal and his cabinet to deliver on these promises. Congress, probably, is ready to extend support to AAP despite a feud in its party over the issue due to this reason.

The political corridors are already abuzz with the news that Kejriwal-led AAP will return back as more powerful party even if they die delivering the moon to the janata of Delhi.

But here is a punch to the playing.

The previous government of Shiela Dikshit was not a bad government. The robust balance-sheet of Delhi is to her credit and Delhi runs a revenue surplus of Rs 9.713 crore. This clearly indicates that AAP can easily give freebies to people and play the populist politics – for now.

With a large revenue surplus, AAP will temporarily offer power subsidy while waiting for a power tariff audit to bring tariffs down. This could take few months, but AAP has a deadline of February because that is the time when model code of conduct for next elections will be applied.

The free water plan may come a bit easier task to Kejriwal. As the ex-officio chief of the Delhi Jal Board, he can order the delivery of more water before the elections by executive fiat. The only people to oppose will be from the tanker lobby and corrupt bureaucracy, which will be like axing one’s own feet given Kejriwal’s strong resolve to unmask the corrupt.

For the initial period of his chief ministership, Kejriwal will actually deliver which will hamper plans of Congress to abandon it or keep a strong tab on the party. The opposition BJP too may find it difficult to raise its voice in the assembly for the fear of losing itself public love for opposing populist measures.

Congress is supporting AAP for the simple reason that it wants public anger against the party to dissipate. It is avoiding early elections and rooting for Kejriwal’s failure for its own gain. But the irony is that Kejriwal led AAP is going to enjoy the sunk ship of Dikshit which had treasures in it.

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