Massive Open Online Courses: Distant Education Valid Anywhere Across The Globe

While it’s been a while since distant education gained prominence among students all over the world, a unique feature of distant education allows you to enroll in a course,

How many times have you wanted to study under the best faculty in the world?

That feeling you get when you wish to pursue your favourite course from your dream university, and you come back to reality when time, distance and finance are a huge barrier in front of you.

Thanks to the advancing technology, there are a number of ways to acquire acquisition for a qualification, that will give you your desired job. While it’s been a while since distant education gained prominence among students all over the world, a unique feature of distant education allows you to enrol in a course, study online and get a degree from your dream university. We tell you all about these special distant learning courses.


MOOCs or Massive Open Online Courses, a recent development in distant education, was launched in the year 2012. The service allows a candidate interested in learning a particular subject, to explore new avenues and supplement his actual curriculum via additional data from across the world and certification that’s valid in more than fifty countries across the globe. Universities of Europe, India, Asia, Latin America, Middle East and Australia are offering courses online, for free. The courses mentioned, have videos in which lecturers, teachers, teaching assistants and renowned leaders (if any), share their knowledge or experience just like they do in the lectures.


A number of universities in US, UK, Germany, Spain, Brazil, Muscat, India and many more offer MOOCs. To know if the university or college you’re applying to offers MOOC, check in the information brochure, or with the HR or Liaison department of the college. Registering can be done online and is for free. You can easily participate in as many courses as you wish to, keeping in mind how many can you take at a time.


Online learning is offered on courses like humanities, social sciences, technology, mathematics, films, sports, music, arts, engineering and a lot more. Relevant data is available on the intranet, wherein students can user their login and access the required information.

Some traditional schools blend online learning with offline learning. Even the lecturers make use of MOOCs in their classes. Such kinds of lectures are commonly known as flipped classrooms. Students watch lectures online (at home or in school), work on projects and interact with the faculty while in the class. The best part of these courses is that wherever they are recognized, you have an opportunity to get a career growth.


Something that is common between students of every field is the attendance issue. Well, like any other distant learning course, MOOCs have no restrictions when it comes to time and your presence. All you need to have is an internet connection and a login id. Your age, profession or industry are no constraints when it comes to MOOCs. There is no penalty if you wish to drop out of any course.

We live in a competitive world, where certificates matter a lot when it comes to your resume or higher studies. Agreed that nothing can replace the traditional way of teaching and learning, but there’s no harm in supplementing your education, if it comes for free.

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