5 Highly Paid Jobs In Bollywood For Girls Apart From Being An Actress!


Bollywood or TV industry is not only about glamorous actresses ruling the charts.

With the growth in the industry, more and more talented individuals are required to run the show and bring in their talented creative energies to make beautiful cinema and TV shows. Hence, the requirement for girls is increasing day by day not only in front of the camera, but behind it as well.

Let’s share with you the top 5 Jobs In Bollywood that girls can pursue, which will get them not only good money, but lot of respect as well.

1) Editor

This might sound bit difficult and technical, but in reality many women are making their mark in this male-dominated field when it comes to film editing. A course from FTII can help you gain the basic knowledge and even an entry in a good production house as an assistant to learn the ropes of the trade.

2) Writer

TV is offering loads of work to talented writers who are ready to work harder than their wildest imagination. In return, you can expect to earn hell lot of money, not to mention the respect that writers command unlike earlier days when writers used to be treated like an unwanted baggage!

3) Creative Head

A TV show requires someone who can co-ordinate different departments like scripting, production, designing, logistics, casting etc. Women are known to be expert at multitasking and that’s the reason we see so many young girls working as creative heads in best of the production houses. Of course, one has to work their way up the ladder starting from scratch, but it is a respectable, well-paying, but a very hectic job profile! Who said hectic is not fun, right?

4) Executive Producer (EP)

It is a job similar to creative head, but the essence lies in executing the plans of the producer in the field (read on the set). One can be a freelance EP or join a production house on a salary basis. Either ways, one need to know the basic of film-TV show making and that can only be learnt through practical experience. If you have done some film-making course, it might help, otherwise, assisting an experienced hand can always go a long way to help you make your career.

5) Dress Designer/Makeup Artist

Who better than women to guide and decide your look in a show? That’s why female dress designers are highly in demand while the make-up department that was earlier dominated by only men is now opening its doors for more and more women!

This is a good time to be a part of glamour world even without being an actress. If you have talent and skill set, you can make your mark in this industry without having to let go of your dignity or respect!

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