5 Things You Should Never Say To A Girl On Diet

girl who is on diet

Whether it is your girlfriend or just a friend, you cannot take her for granted during her diet.

Of course, she is dieting because she is not happy with her weight and if she is not happy, you cannot take chances with words.

This is why to make sure that you are not hurting that girl who is on diet, you need to keep yourself away from saying these 5 things:

Things Not To Say To A Girl Who Is On Diet – 

1. “Let’s go out for pizza.”

She is trying to lose weight and you want to destroy all her efforts just by saying the word ‘Pizza’. Who does that? If you really want to go out and eat with her, please let her choose a healthy place and cuisine.

2. “Why do you need to lose weight?”

If you think that saying this is going to stop her from dieting or earn you some positive points, it is not. She doesn’t need your opinion on her weight, just support her in what she is doing.

3. “Why are you eating this when you are on a diet?”

Oh God, just once she tried to cheat a bit and you stopped her, why? Even when she is on a diet, she has some cravings for good food too and if she is eating some of that, let her do that.

4. “Let’s have some drinks.”

After all this time when she has decided to lose weight, you want her to go out with you and have drinks. Do you even know how much weight she will gain with the alcohol?

5. “Why don’t you have that weight loss juice?”

She doesn’t want to hear suggestions on weight loss because she is fine with the way it’s going on for her. If she has started to follow a diet plan, she sure as hell have some things in her mind.

On a healthy note, it doesn’t matter you are fat or slim, just be confident in yourself. A diet might not to wonders what your confidence can. And guys, just stay attentive about what you say during her dieting period.

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