These 6 Were The Worst Terrorist Attacks That Marred Our Nation


Seven years ago, India’s commercial hub Mumbai saw one of the grimiest scenes of horrifying terror attacks.

India was jolted awake to the news of terror attacks in the South Mumbai area of the city, in minutes lives of around 166 people were gone and many were injured so badly that they struggling to stand on their feet. The chase between terrorists and policemen was nothing short of war like struggle that commoners saw from their own eyes.

We pay homage to the brave policemen and soldiers who fought for Mumbai’s safety and laid down their lives 7 years back on this day.

Our deep thoughts and prayers are with the victims’ families as well.

Let us have a look at some of the deadliest siege by terrorists on India ever happened.

  1. Mumbai Terror Attacks- 26 November, 2008

The lone attacker who survived disclosed that all the militants were from Lashkar E Toiba. Even after so many years, justice is not meted out and apart from Ajmal Kasab, several other perpetrators are still hanging around free.


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