Shocking How Winter Olympian Shiva Keshavan Is Forced To Quit Luge!


You made your country proud and this is the way you are treated.

This is shocking to the core!

Regarded as one of the pioneers of winter sports in India, Shiva Keshavan is on the brink of quitting luge.

The five-time Olympian, said that the Sports Ministry has ignored his financial plight.

Who is Shiva Keshavan? I am sure how other sports are ignored in india, some of us might not be aware who Shiva is.

Well Back in 1998, a 16-year old Shiva Keshavan became India’s first ever winter Olympian at a time when the country didn’t even know about luge’s existence.

Since then he travelled across the world and went on to compete against the best with little or no infrastructure available back home.

This tweet by Shiva makes me wonder how badly other sportsmen are treated in our country.

Imagine this was the sport he has grown up pursuing and now his career is at stake.

He is contemplating quitting the sport just because of lack of funds.

Even after so much of outrage and social media campaign looks like sports ministry doesn’t really bother. As they have decided to pay 1/10 of the expense of Shiva and what about remaining funds?

But then thanks to social media sites, Shiva has been getting support of people.

And honestly this is an example how strong social media is, if used in a right manner.

Looking at some of the support pouring in for Shiva, it actually made me proud and honestly it makes us believe we still have hearts that we can feel for people.

Read on to know how Twitterati and others are trying their best to be heard and give Shiva what he deserves.

Only if sports ministry had noticed his plight!

If you know of any potential sponsor, please help Shiva not to quit.

Also actor Iqbal Khan, who was last seen on Colors show Khatron Ke Khiladi came out in support of Shiva and tweeted this.

Since Iqbal Khan tweeted, even his fans are leaving no stones unturned in making Shiva’s voice heard.

And support is since pouring in for the talented lad.

These Twitterati are requesting all the news channel and everyone to help Shiva, and this morning I got a message from someone online asking me If I can help the cause?

I was deeply touched because honestly when this person messaged me that she needs my help, I just thought, she might be requesting me to interview some celeb. But I was wrong. This girl requested me to help Shiva in any way.

So here I am using my power of writing. And also you all can help. I just want all of you to share about Shiva and help him in any way you can.

Look how these people who never knew who Shiva was, are trying their best to help him. If they can help, then why not us?


And this makes me wonder how many Shiva’s have already quit sports because they can’t fund themselves?

This isn’t just Shiva’s story, but all those sportspersons who have been ignored by sports ministry.

Is there no place for talent?

Why only we are proud Indian when they win medals? Why do we turn blind to their plight?

Here’s my grand salute to Shiva for fighting, to Iqbal Khan and all others who have come out to support and all the fans and Twitterati who are spreading and asking people to help Shiva.

More power to you all!

Together, we all can make a difference.

I did my bit, so what are you waiting for?

Are you ready to help someone who made all of us proud?

Leave your comments and tell us how we can help Shiva and all other sportspersons ignored by our sports ministry.

It’s time to give these people what they deserve!

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