Upen Patel’s Bi, Tri, And Gay Interests In Bigg Boss House!

Who is Upen Patel? We talk about Upen Patel’s sexual orientation inside Bigg Boss house. It is confusing to know if he is straight or bi-sexual or a gay! We try to simplify the matter.

Upen Patel– the most mysterious participant in the Bigg Boss season 8!

Bigg Boss house is known for hosting weird contestants who entertain us with their crazy, eccentric and close-to-stupid behaviour patterns.

But in this season, Upen Patel is turning out to be one contestant whom we are not able to understand.

Well, being more specific, unable to understand his sexual preferences! He is this good looking, handsome hunk with a great body, but who is it for?

Is it for a girl or a man or for both?

We have just tried to analyze his acts over the last five weeks and are totally confused as to what does this guy wants!

He is commonly seen hugging and kissing guys!

In the morning or frequently after tasks and all, more than girls, he seems to be hugging and kissing guys. Is it his hidden bi-sexuality which is coming out during those emotionally vulnerable moments of winning or losing? Or is it his way of gaining attention since otherwise he seems to be doing nothing else to gain popularity!

This can be his subtle way of hogging the limelight, but leaving his followers tad confused.

The confusion is the result of the love-triangle he formed with two girls inside the house.

On one hand he kisses men, on the other hand he was seen cozying up with Diandra Soares in the initial days of the reality show. However, when Sonali Raut came back after her faster than the speed of light eviction, his heart started pumping blood for Sonali and Diandra was left to fend for herself despite being his friend for more than a decade! It is a different matter though that Sonali herself is behaving like a pendulum right now by shifting her preferences between Upen and Gautam on a continuous basis.

But the fact that Upen got two women interested in him simultaneously speaks volumes about his flirtatious playboy image! So he attracts women and kisses men! Wow!

The story hasn’t ended yet guys as his fondness for Sushant isn’t hidden! Right from first week, when even Salman Khan teased him for being Sushant’s eye candy, till now, he is showing a certain kind of softness for Sushant! This can’t be termed as simple friendship or politeness with a fellow contestant, but clearly talks about something deeper going on between the two! Okay, it is still not obvious; however it does take time for such things to come out in open.

So you see, kissing men, attracting and flirting with women and having a soft spot for officially declared gay an, what does it say about Upen Patel? That he is as confused and not sure about his sexual priorities as he is about other happenings inside the house!

Our only suggestion to Upen will be, it’s okay dude; just be what you are! But at least know what you are and what you want!

Keep things simple, you know!

What do you guys think he is? Do let us know!

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