You Are In College Now! These 7 High School Habits You Need To Change Immediately!


A big hello to all who are in the fresher year of college!

I know this is the year when you are experiencing a lot of changes and bringing in a lot of changes in self too. well, this is imperative because, you are no more in high school. High school is gone and so are high school days! That’s why you will have to change most of your high school habits too.

I agree that some of your high school habits will serve you well. But, making a hypothesis that they will perfectly fit into your college routine, would be a severe mistake.

Here are the 7 prominent and most common high school habits you need to change immediately for a more rewarding college life.

  1. The Previous Night Study Fever For Exam Days

Forget it altogether, because this is going to lead to nothing but disaster. College studies are nowhere near what and how you studied in school. In college, the subject matter is typically much more complex than what you faced in high school. You will have to be alert throughout the semester, making important notes and practicing every now and then to have the subject thoroughly prepared as the semester approaches it end and you need to sit for the examination. This will also help you to get your problems and queries resolved from your professors, as and when they arise, within adequate time, much before the exam days.

  1. Allocating 2-3 Hours Study Time In The Exam Days

Well, if during high school days you developed this habit of studying only for a couple hours, especially for exams, you will definitely have to change it. Various researches have proven that a minimum of 10 hours of study schedule is required for the students who really wish to excel in their respective subjects. But yes, if you know that you have got your material ready way before examination and you are all set after a few rounds of revision, you are allowed to go to parties and loosen up.

  1. The Cramming Routines

Many of us are in a staple habit of cramming during high school days.  Mindlessly mugging the  material to be able to spit it back onto paper during the test is a tried and tested method for every high-schooler for getting good results. But this will not work in college at all, because here professors usually set question papers to determine whether or not the students have truly understand the material. Cramming may get you passing scores, but good grades will be far off possibility!

  1. Social Media Study Get Together – Absolute No No!

High school days are comparatively fun days when one can afford to study while spending time on Facebook and Instagram simultaneously, asking questions and sharing notes through social media. In college, most of the study material is more mentally challenging, and self prepared notes, made with complete concentration will only get you where you want to get. (Good grades I mean here). Hence, you will have to maximize the quality of your study time so you can minimize the quantity thereof. Study in absolute Isolation.

  1. The Way You Chose Friends

While the friendships in school are more fun and innocence based, the friendships and equations will see a shift in college. And hence, you will have to change your habits here too. The friendships in college will not be all that unconditional. They will be based on Choice, Intentional Interaction and Definition. While you do not get to choose your friends in high school, they are a part of the package as your classmates, in college you will have to more careful while choosing friends if you intend to make meaningful and long lasting friendships. You will need to be careful about what kind of experiences you want in life, and based on that you will choose friends. Friends in College require more intentional interactions. The difference between high school and College or University is that you have to learn how to be more intentional.

  1. The Habit of Faking In A Class 

Enough faking in high school! We all know that, we all did that! In college, you will have encounters with the professors and trust me college professors are way smarter than you anticipate. They know the subject they are teaching, and smart enough to know the students who are trying to fake their way through a class. While in school general statement based on vague information may have saved your ass, but in college, you’ll need to take your game several notches. The level of understanding and preparation that got you an A in high school will not get you an BIG C in college! Got what I am saying?

  1. Lastly – You Will Have To Give Up On The Habit of Denying The Sacrifices

When you enter college, the game changes all together. The carefree attitude won’t work anymore. You will have to learn to sacrifice things to attain success. May be the best of them. Simply put, many high school students are able to get good grades, be involved in many extracurricular activities and still have time to for an active social life. College is different. There are social activities in college every night, not just on the weekends, but you will have to make a sensible choice between studying and having fun. Turning down fun takes a lot of discipline and sacrifice. You will need to make that sacrifice on a daily basis if success is more important for you.  The decision will be all yours.

Now, the bottom line and a little candid one here! If the tips that we just gave you did not make you a little scared or a little depressed, you might need to read them again, a little more carefully this time.

The simple declaration is that  college success requires a set of skills that are not often required in high school. Therefore, change these 7 habits and you would be way ahead your peers.

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