10 Reasons Why Being Single Girl Is Awesome AF

Being single girl

Being single girl – So, you are single?

Well congrats you are happy souls and you must be thankful you do not have someone to please all the time; your pizza is yours your holiday is yours. You don’t have someone all the time teaching you things like don’t go there, don’t wear this; it’s not safe, blah blah blah….nonsense. I know there will be lots of people who will keep telling you don’t worry you will find someone actually tell them “Thanks but no Thanks”.

So, here are reasons why Being single girl is awesome.

Being single girl is awesome –

1 – You have no distractions in life you can achieve all your goals your only concentration is work and yes you can be productive and be successful nothing can stop you. While otherwise girls in relationships need to date, watch movies, be on phone always, messages 24/7. With relationships comes lot of pressure be glad you don’t have to take it.

Being single girl

2 – You can take your entire bed sleep like a king, eat your pizza you don’t have to share wow isn’t it good? Sharing is caring agree but rules are meant to be broken a pizza can’t be shared!

Being single girl

3 – You are open to date and can see “N” number of guys. Because dating and flirting doesn’t hurt anyone, ok it hurts if you have boyfriend. You can move around with your boys group have fun.

Being single girl

4 – You can let lazy and don’t have to worry about grooming like undergoing painful waxing sessions, and grooming sessions. No wasting time on body spa, body wax, facials, etc.

Being single girl

5 – Whatever you earn is yours you don’t have to worry about gifting your boyfriend, his mom, his dog, his sister, his friends, etc. Your money is yours spoil yourself completely women you deserve to get spoilt.

6 – You can enjoy with your girls gang, enjoy night out, and lunch, shopping and yes all girls trip, bitching, gossiping you can enjoy it all. What more can you ask for? Pajama parties, solo trips are ohh-so-good.

7 – You are independent, you are free to do whatever you want, wherever you want to go nothing hold’s you back, you can be fully ambitious change cities for job, grow and take full responsibility of yourself. You can grow as a person change jobs, cities for better positions there is nothing that can stop you.

Being single girl

8 – According to science single women are genius, sharp and very intelligent they have all the time to make themselves better and competent at work place.

9 – You have plenty of time to start a new hobby whether it’s joining yoga classes, personality development classes, or hitting a gym. Basically you can become better version of you.

Being single girl

10 – When you are single you have so much money yes being in relationship is pretty expensive, dating, diners, gifts, beauty parlors, etc. When single you can spend that money on yourself or your parents.

Being single girl

This is why Being single girl is awesome – If you are single you are lucky girl, enjoy your life to the fullest without taking the pressure relationships come with.

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