Ways To Prepare Yourself For Upcoming Boards

With only a few days left for your boards to start, here are a few tips and suggestions that might help you prepare better. Read on!

As a youngster, the upcoming board exams are probably the first big challenge you face in your life.

With only a few days left for your boards to start, here are a few tips and suggestions that might help you prepare better. 

1. Create a suitable environment for studying

You may not have observed this, but there is a difference between a suitable environment and a standard environment for studying. Choose an environment which suits you to study rather than an environment which is standard but not according to your style. This also helps increase your concentration.

2. Have a look at previous years question papers

I’m sure you need not be told about this. But just to remind you. Solving question papers of previous years gives you an idea of the exam pattern and a knowledge of what kind of questions to expect. You surely know the difference between having studied well and being prepared well. Don’t you?

3. Learn to time your efforts

Keep a count of time you take to answer a particular kind of question. Not only will this help you concentrate on your speed and accuracy, but will also help you know your strengths and weaknesses. You can work more on your weak areas, having known that.

4. Keep your patience in check

This might be the first big challenge of your life, but there is absolutely no need to panic. If you are prepared well, this is just one of those exams you have taken like, umpteen number of times. Just to be sure about things, ask your parents or family members to quiz you on what you have learnt, use draft questions from books, past assessments or major exam papers.

5. Reward and pamper yourself

Agreed that you want to spend most of your time in the company of your syllabus books and assessment papers, but you shouldn’t over exert yourself. Indulge in some physical activity, watch light movies or listen to your favourite music while you take a break. Deep breathing exercises increases your energy levels. A proper diet intake is also important for you. This helps increase your mind activity and hence, shows up in your performance.

Having experienced it myself, keeping your books as a company all the time is something that I wouldn’t suggest. To work on your weak areas, set a time for your target. Leave all the other topics aside and concentrate only on your weak areas, as your strengths only need some polishing at the end of the day. Stick to a particular strategy that helps you gain more with less consumption of time.

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