6 Exotic Destinations To Explore Immediately After You Graduate From College! Ask Why?

Dubai exotic destination

Life as a student is not easy.

Classes, schedules, projects, assignments, examinations! The life seems like a roller coaster around papers and books. But when the last exam is over, it seems like a best moment of life. The relief of getting it done and over with and that you finally are a graduate, makes it all worth.

Before you part your ways with your friends and start another crucial journey of establishing career and professions, if is important to take a break and go for an international holiday with friends while exploring a different world altogether.

Though travel seems to be an expensive affair for a college student, there are plenty of destinations which offer specialised travel packages for students allowing a splendid holiday on student pockets.

Here we are taking you to a tour of 6 such destinations. And these are the places which offer great travel experience to students for the heritage, rich cultures and historical marvels they have on offer.

  1. Turkey – The Amalgamation of East And West

Divided in two by the Bosphorus Strait, Turkey is an exotic land which invites young explorers form all over the world. The highlight is that it is a unique blend European and Asian characteristics in terms of  culture, lifestyle and cuisine. Intricately designed stunning monuments, incredible landscapes to strikingly beautiful Mediterranean coastlines, Turkey has a lot on the palette, and the cost of holiday dips down as you venture into the interiors, exploring unravelled cities. It is undeniably a thrilling destination for budget travellers like students. Celebrate the accomplishments at college in a big way.


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